Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey Guess what! Im leaving tomorrow!!
We eat breakfast at 4:45 and leave at 5:15!
I chose a scripture for my plaque thing. I had a really awesome experience choosing it. I was reading through my Book of Mormon in the Missionary chapters of the end of Mosiah and the first half of Alma. I found a couple that caught my eye, one of them was Alma 26:12. I read it and loved it and saw some footnotes and thought I would check them out. I then bounced over to Alma Chapter 29 verse 9 which is a little similar. Then I noticed that it was the famous "Oh that I were an angel Chapter." I read it from the top and instantly felt my whole soul burn. It was powerfull, a feeling that I have only gotten a few times while reading the Book of Mormon. The same way I felt when I first received my witness of its truthfulness. So I want to choose verses 1,2, and 9 of Alma 29.
They might be a little long so here is what I would like to fit on there if we could:
1. "Oh that I were an angel, and could have the wish of my heart that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the Earth.
2. Yea, I would declare unto every soul, as with the voice of thunder, that they should come unto our God.
9. And this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentence; and this is my joy."
Already this scripture has changed my mission. Just this Saturday we were walking and we walked passed a woman and her 2 kids on the street who seemed to be a little busy, she was on the phone and her kids were being a little crazy. I instantly remembered the words of that scripture and imagined my face on a plaque next to them. I thought of what Alma would do. I thought of how if that scripture was next to my name I better live up to it. So I told Elder Hales, "We need to turn around and talk to her" and we did.
I can´t wait to do this everyday. I can´t wait to get up in Sacrament meeting in my new ward and make a complete awesome fool of myself but bear powerful testimony to that ward, for I already love them, I already have a burning love and testimony to share. I can see them in the pews, playing the pianos, the kids singing in the primary room. I am so blessed to have this opportunity, and I pray that I can be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy. The greatest joy I have ever felt.
-Elder Kellis
ps. Pday should be Monday from now on. Not quite sure.
Love you all so much. Thanks for your prayers, especially this week!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 6

Hey Guess what! its 2011!
Only 1 more year till the world ends!! haha we keep joking that we are going to have a bunch of success as missionaries cuz everyone is going to be freaking out about the world ending.
This week has been way quick and way awesome! It was Sister Kappels birthday (she is in our district) this week, so I asked her to lead the opening hymn for our class, and instead of all of us singing the hymn we started singing her ¨YOUVE HAD A BIRTHDAY SHOUT HOORAY! it was way funny, and then we sang the Spanish version. She just sat down and turned really red. It was awesome.
So each district has two teachers in the MTC here. One in the Morning and One in the afternoon. Well its awesome because our teachers are dating eachother. So we always tease them about what the other one said during the other class and stuff. They are so cute though. They´ve been dating for 6 months.
So during Actividad Fisica the other day I threw my arm out from throwing footballs too much and too hard. It hurt so bad. I couldn´t NOT feel the pain. So I just suffered for an hour and then I put ice on it and listened to the Primary CD that they sent me and Elder Klippel. It made me smile so big in my hour of deathness and then made me cry. My arm felt better after the ice. I didnt know ice was that powerful. =P
Thanks for all the candy! I gave a snickers to the cook, and he said that he would give me extra french fries and chicken tonight! Also, the skittles were delicious. and fun. To throw up through the fan blades and back down into my mouth. Except usually Elder Hales and I would get hit in the face really hard.
So there´s new Elders here again! crazy how fast time has gone by. We leave for Uruguay in 12 days! At first we were bummed because Elder Hales and I didn´t have ANY roomates. Which is important because we gotta practice our Spanish with them, plus theyre fun to have around. We love em =) But I got the hook ups with President and we got another latino companionship in there with us, and 2 empty beds. Im tempted to make a queen size bunk bed. But Im not sure how they will like that. One is a Latino fluent speaker from Texas the other El Salvador. They are way cool!
We learned a lot this week, Spanish and teaching skills of course, but guess what else! HOW TO SEW AND LEAD MUSIC! its way funny walking by classrooms and seeing 12 Elders ALL leading the music in a Districto.
The saddest part of the week: During Proseltismo, we talked to a man at a bus stop who was probably the most solid guy we´ve talked to. He loved what we had to say and answered questions before we were done saying them. He was loving and humble and just golden. Then the bus came and we tried to get all of his information down but he had to go. It was so hard. It was like a movie, slow motion. We were looking at him, and He was looking at us, until the bus drove out of sight down the road. I think Heavenly Father feels the same way, when his children decide to go down a different path. He probably keeps his loving eye on us as long as he can. I love being close to the Savior, being able to feel how he would feel. We sat down on a dirty sidewalk and talked to a man this week, dirty and sweaty for about an hour. He expressed his wish to be more like us. "always on the way" to God. He explained how drugs and other things were keeping that goal from him. I didnt care that he smoked, that he was dirty, that my had got his sweat on it when i shook it, I just loved him. So much. I know that Chist feels the same way. In fact he would probably wash them for us. I love having these opportunities. One more, then I gotta go =( but We talked to a man who had moved here from Italy. He was the sweetest guy I have ever met. As soon as we saw him on the street he smiled and started walking towards us. We taught him of Christ, and showed him the introduction of the book of mormon. He read the end and it talks about preparing us for the second coming. He looked at us with wide eyes and asked He´s coming again?? then he started to look sad. He looked at us, tears swelling and said softly, "But the people? The people? they´re going to kill him again!" I was taken back by the love this man had for his Savior. It´s cool when people who have never really been a part of a church can be a spiritual example to me. I really felt the love that God and my Savior have for us this week. It was so hard to leave that last area in Ituzango II.
Love you all and wish you an awesome new year!!
Con Amor,
-Elder Kellis