Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feliz Navidad!! 

Como estan todos por allà?? Im not even gonna lie, I am super ridiculously jealous that you are all gonna be all cozy cool in Oregon! Thats just awesome!! and TYLER WHOA!!! BYU Hawaii!!! SANTA VACA!!! thats awesome man! Congratulations! Thats gotta be one of the hardest decisions ever! I think BYU Hawaii would be sick! My comp Elder de Hoyos played Tennis for BYU Hawaii and he loved it. I had a counselor at EFY that went there too and she loved it. You are gonna miss out on the Provo BYU awesomeness....the football games...the basketball games...the huge freshman wards and huge campus and stuff. When would you start and stuff? My comp said that it is pretty expensive to live there but tuition is cheaper. Did they offer a scholarship?

I am so happy to hear that everything is ok with the whole cancer scare thing Mom. I was very deep in prayer and fast on Monday and Tuesday but after that it was really cool. All my worries just kinda flew away and honestly I forgot for the rest of the week. Friday I remembered and kinda wondered what the results were but felt like I already knew. Thats a sweet story about Reagan and your piano lessons. 

My backpack is about to give up the ghost. Being out in Colonia 18, far from the city and everything...we end up carrying lots of heavy things in our backpacks. I also have to carry books and packages from district meeting on an hour bike ride...so as you can imagine...my little hiking backpack from when I was a deacon is just ready to give up. I have had Hermanas sew it about 5 times already and it just comes back apart. I havent had too much time to look for a new one here...and the majority of the backpacks here arent very good quality. 

I cant believe Nick is married! Thats awesome! Congratulations!

We had a pretty good week. Especially getting the new bikes. They were such an awesome Christmas gift and Im kinda extra bummed I dont get to come home with them!

The branch is kinda suffering right now. I dont know what it is but theres just been kind of a general lack of will to get to church every week. So we had 15 lessons with recent converts and less active members this week. It might just be with vacations and christmas and stuff but we`ll see. 

We tried setting it up to talk to you guys on Christmas on Skype but we couldnt get a member with skype. Its hard because out in the fields not many people have internet or great cell service for a mobile broadband signal. Oh well it will be great anyways!

Pablo just got back from Mercedes and he is doing great! We had a lesson with him and the Terechenco family last night. He is so excited to get baptized and wants to be a faithful strong member. He said he has really gained a special relationship with God as he as started praying daily. When he visited his Mom in Mercedes, at her bedside he really prayed hard and she had a very smooth sugery and miraculously survived.

We might have a white christmas! Rosa is kinda undecided still on being baptized this Friday but we`ll see what happens!

Transfers were this week. Im staying here of course with Elder de Hoyos until the beginning of January and then we´ll see!  Im excited to be here another transfer! Colonia 18 is the best!

Today for Pday we had an awesome district breakfast. I made biscuits and hamburger gravy and bacon (thanks for the packets) Elder Shaw and Chamberlain made pankakes and homemade syrup and the Hermanas made Fruit salad. It was dang good!

Talk to you on Sunday! Ill just plan on calling grandma`s number at 9pm my time on the 25th