Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey family!

Well the mission continues being the best thing ever. This week we worked super hard and had fun doing it. Elder Nuñez is excited to be a missionary, he is being obedient and he´s like my best friend. Mom, I dont think it matters too much what you get him, just something that really shows we care about him. Write a little note in spanish, buy some candy or something. Just make him feel like the coolest person that exists in the planet. =) Caity, maybe you could get some girls to help you? =) he doesnt stop thinking about and talking about girls haha I dont know just like a dorky note or something.

Its been so hot this week. I havent been sleeping very well and my fan is kinda broken. Today we played soccer in the heavy rain! It was SOOOOO FUN!!!! it brought back memories of football practice in the summer heat of Arizona, and how the second it started raining it was party like its 2012. ha 

I did divisions with Elder Pineda this week (they live with us) he has had some struggles in his area. We were visiting a less active family. They moved here 2 years ago from Miami Florida. Its just a single mom and her son who was baptized in Florida. The dad stayed there to work. Well she is going through very serious depression problems and I guess it got to the point where she illusionates that her husband lives next door and is hiding from her. She screams all day long banging on the door begging for him to come out. She is literally insane. The poor kid basically lives in satans bathroom trying to keep her from going to jail. We came in just the perfect moment to see her throw a huge stone the size of a lettuce head right through the neighbors front window. As soon as I saw her with the stone I knew something bad was gonna happen. Latter that night we saw her being taken away by the police. just a fun crazy memory. I think I am doing pretty good for being far away from my family and the best country on earth compared to a lot of people around here hahaha Its rough. 

Thursday we all traveled to Tacuarambo as a zone for a sector conference. It was a good conference and we learned about the book of mormon and the spirit as our most effective tools in conversion. 

We have found some good investigators and are hoping to have a couple baptisms on the 10th as well. Dad, I just want to congratulate you for actually knowing about all the investigators, their dates, their needs, ect. I wish our mission leader would do that. When you said that your class was appearing to be more like gospel doctorine what did you mean? One thing that i´ve noticed in our gospel principles class is that sometimes we go way to fast and deep for the investigators. They are literally in a whole different world and we sometimes expect them to understand our weird language and obvious doctorine. 

We are teaching a 64 year old woman named suzana. We knocked on her door and she let us in. She immediately starting talking about a thousand different things like if we were her best friend. We just listened for about 20 minutes. She gained trust in us and we tought her the gospel. She came to church on sunday even though she almost died of asthma and we are reading the scriptures with her and a member neighbor every day. She has a baptismal date for the 10th of March.

Well I love you guys! Take LUCK!