Thursday, November 18, 2010

His First Email!!!

Hey guys!!

So Im here in the MTC. Im using a spanish keyboard for the fist time so bear with me haha

Today is P-day! but we have a lot of registration type stuff to do, so next thursday I will have 40 minutes to write all about the flight and stuff. But everything is going great and there are about 15 elders and sisters all going to the same mission as me, all reported the same day as me! crazy ¿ey? the work must be rockin in montevideo!

the people in argentina are way cool, and the MTC is way sweet. its RIGHT next to the temple so there is a lot of construction goin on out there. The food has been good so far, and my companion is going to be Elder Hales from the airport in PHX.

So now I have an interview with the presidente of the MTC. Then with his wife. Then more unpacking type stuff...

hope you guys are having fun with grandma and I love you so much!

PS Which email would you like me to send these letters home to?

They suggest that you ask a bunch of questions in an email before wednesday, that way I can answer them all when I send my email next thursday.}

Sorry for the rushed email!

con <3

Elder Daniel Kellis

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