Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 4 in Uruguay!

Hey errybuddy!

My mind has been on money a lot today. They give us each an amount of money each month to spend on food, haircuts, ect. Its extremely low, so its really hard to budget. I think I am going to learn a lot more than just spiritual lessons on my mission. Budgeting is really difficult. Any suggestions? I dont plan on spending too much money on my mission. I just want to get a cheap soccer jersey, stuff like that.
This week was way sweet! We got to go to Salto for a zone conference. It was about a 2-3 hour drive. We got up at 3am, so I actually slept on the way which was a miracle with the crazy bumpy highways and negative 2 inches of leg room. We learned a lot in the zone conference about focusing our teaching on the Atonement. It was a great conference. There is a tradition that all the greenies have to bear their testimony in Spanish and all the Elders in their last change do as well. You can definately see a difference in each of the two distinct categories but both have really special testimonies.
Every Friday the 6 missionaries in the 3 wards of our building have a missionary activity. This week was a talent show and "Torta" competition. Torta is cake! haha So yeah. I baked a cake from scratch! It wasnt too bad! I used that nesquick that I brought! haha. it didnt win the competition thats for sure. We had a great turn out. Me and Elder Inostroza had to make up for the lack of our ward and fill in 2 slots for the show. One of them we did a skit. I have it on video so you'll see it some day. But its basically me desperate for paper. We go through a bunch of different paper things, like our daily planners, our pamphlets, our scriptures, a binder of music that someone else had used, and then finally elder pulls out toilet paper and I ran off the stage through the crowd and to the bathroom. Our second talent was a special musical number in the chapel. He played and I sang "Yo se que vive mi SeƱor" IT was funny cuz their was a interlude and I started singing and realized I was singing during an interlude so I like morphed it into an awkward humm and smiled really huge. Then the fans in the chapel blew off the sheet music so I sang ocapella for a little. It was awesome. Oh south america. Hahaha
I ate a fried egg this week. Just sayin.
HAha story for Bishop Klippel. My companion and I were laying in bed going to sleep and he says, "I love you, man" in his broken English. I smiled and awkwardly said "you too man" and immediately thought of Bishop Klippel and his story of his comp.
The rain isnt always that bad. we asked them and they said that was the first time their house had ever been flooded. Theyve only lived their for 3 years though. It rained 7 days in a row though this week! Not straight 24/7 rain, but at least for a couple minutes every day.
The other morning we were doing our excersises running and these dogs started running with us like they always do. They didnt run behind us though. they ran like right in front of us sideways. I was like what the heck is wrong with you? Well i accidentaly stepped on its paw and it started crying. I was kinda in a frustrated mood that morning so I just kept running.
SO remember when I lost my nametag in that crazy storm!? Well. I prayed really hard that night that I would be able to find it. Well we looked and it wasnt there. Elder Inostroza said that it was probably floating in the river in Brazil. I didnt believe him. I had prayed so faithfully like all those cute primary kids stories! haha. So we looked again. It was nowhere to be found. So then I prayed that someone would find it and see Missionaries walking down the street and give it to them or something. Well after about a week of faithfully waiting. Yesterday one of our appointments fell through. Elder Inostroza randomly decided to go to this members house, which we try not to do unless its super hot or we need a bathroom break or we are planning a FHE or something. But we went in and she was super relief society presidenty like tablecloth huge smile loving mormon "sister perfect" She brough out a tray with a tablecloth and two cups of soda and two wrapped chocolates for each of us. Then she saw my nametag and almost had a heart attack. She said she had something for me and came back with my nametag! I was super happy and thankful for that little tender mercy.
Well thank you everybody for all your prayers and love and letters and everything you do for me!
Until next time!
Elder Kellis

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