Monday, March 14, 2011

march 14th

Yeah! Those are pictures!! haha

whats up errybody!

Sounds like the world is going crazy! Artigas definately is as calm as ever! Theyre still all just chillin out in front of thier little houses sippin on mate! haha

So yesterday stake conference was so awesome! It was cool because the District from Quaraì Brazil came as well. It was so cool to see the stake center full!! Usually there are only 40-50 people on sunday. It was almost motivating to see the chapel that full! One of my favorite parts was the music. The primary from the stake sang "Yo se que me ama el señor" or I know that my savior loves me. It was so cute! It gave me lots of memories from teaching primary in Copper Canyon ward. The missionaries all sang a special number as prelude. We sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer to the melody of Come Thou Fount. It was so powerful and I could barely sing! To look over a huge chapel and think about that morning that started all of this, I knew the words I was singing were true. The spirit of missionary work hit me like a brick as I sang in a different language in a different country. Its awesome to see how the church is growing around the world. I wish I could see more countries and sing in more languages!

The temple president and our mission president came to the conference, so we had a lot of time with our mission president. We had interviews on saturday and on sunday we had a zone conference. It was way sweet! We talked about the power of the book of mormon in conversion and how to help investigators keep commitments. Then after our conference, president offered to go proselyting for the rest of the night with a companionship, and guess who got that opportunity!? yeah. President and his wife came with me and elder inostroza! It was way awesome! they are still learning spanish but they bore such strong awesome testimonies and really helped our lessons! It was funny to see the looks on people's faces as we drove around in the really poor neighboorhood in our suits and President Heaton`s spaceship car.

We have seen miracles this week! I havent had one investigator get a testimony of the book of mormon my whole mission. Its not that God isnt answering them or anything. Nobody has done the steps you gotta do! Read, Ponder, and Pray. This week, we had 3 investigators receive an answer about the Book of Mormon! We were walking down the street on Saturday and saw one of our investigators reading the BOM, we were surprised and asked her how it was going. She had read 3 chapters more than we had assigned her! She read the restoration pamphlet and loved the Joseph Smith story. She is 17, her name is Ana. The coolest part is that in our first lesson she had explained that she wasnt a fan of religion at all. Now she wants to get baptized! We are excited for her. It will be a while because she needs to get married, but we are way excited! Our other investigator, Daniel =D, is a huge fan of music. He is also a huge fan of religion and the bible. We knocked his door last week and taught him the first lesson as his extra stud cute 2 year old son played tackle Elder Kellis for an hour! haha He let us in immediately, offered us water. It was an awesome first lesson. Saturday we went back and he had read, pondered and recieved and answer! Elder Inostroza have left so many houses this week just looking at eachother and raising our eyebrows as if to say WOAH! miracle or what!?

Im excited you are sending the BYU shirts! OH yeah! I got that tie finally! That pink one! haha thanks mom! you went back and bought it didn't you!

Is iPhone on verizon yet? Keep me updated on BYU and Japan and all that stuff! Dont forget to read you scriptures every day! and give grandma a huge hug for me! Tell tyler to ask the missionaries when he can go teach a lesson with them. Seriously. Go do it. You better! Tyler are you applying for colleges and stuff yet?

Love you all!

Elder Kellis

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