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March 2, 2011

Man!!! Sounds like you guys all had a crazy eventful week!! Thats awesome that BYU is beasting it! And Neil A. Anderson is coming to Surprise! Thats so sick!! I definately wouldnt recommend beans. haha Mom you are the funniest
So the weather has been getting much much better! Its still a little hot in the afternoonish but man the mornings and the nights are perfect. This week it felt like conference weekend everymorning, like when you get up and its a little windy, a little cold outside, and all you can think about is church stuff, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir is playing. Its the best!
I haven´t gotten any packages yet, but this week was a little complicated because there are transfers and people are moving all over the place. Im sure I will get them at our District meeting on Thursday. Oh! so yeah! I got the call from the Zone leaders and Im staying in Artigas with Elder Inostroza! Its gonna be sweet. Im excited for this next transfer.
Dad, we find investigators by mostly referrals. The first few weeks we did about 20-30 street contacts/door knocking contacts. The new focus church wide is that the members find and the missionaries teach. (check out the last Ensign talk by President Eyring ¨How Great Shall be Your Joy¨ We realized that we could be doing this a lot better. We prayed and talked to our ward leaders about the biggest deepest question ever. HOW!? And we figured some ideas out, and have been really praying for more opportunities to work with members. The results were awesome! We dont even really do contacts anymore. We have about 15 referalls a week from Members, Investigators, Non-Members. It is so much more effective!
Its summer here so usually we dont see any of the night time. YET. We get to the house at about 9ish and its usually just getting dark. But from what I can tell, and have heard, the city really comes alive at night. Because they sleep from 1-4or5ish in the afternoon. Its crazy! everything is closed! It makes proseliting really hard. But they dont really go to bed until 10-12ish. They used to have companionship7language studies during the SIESTA but the misisonaries were just taking naps too. So they got rid of that.
We walk everywhere. The only time I have been on a bus was in Montevideo. Taxis only on the way to district meetings or if we are doing companion exchanges. Taxis are way cheap here in Artigas, but feet are cheaper.
We havent had a chance to visit a hospital, but that sounds like an awesome idea! We dont have one in our area,, so we wont be able to.
This week I had another opportunity to give a blessing. It was to the first member from Artigas! She is super old and I think she had a fever. It is going around down here. We only had 33 members in church this week =/. She is a funny old lady. She wants to marry President Packer, and she has shaken hands with 4 prophets! She had me cracking up real hard.
Ok so the money thing. It works like this. We each get 150dollars each month for everything. Including the water and electric bills, activities, food, haircuts, pday activities. I think I just need to budget better cuz that seems like it should be enough.
I got your email Dad, but the pictures didnt show up. That picture that Caity sent me worked just fine. Idk. Maybe you´ll just have to print them. Try putting them on the page of the email somehow instead of attachments.
Thats crazy that Aaron is leaving in 2 weeks! time goes by so fast on the mission! I cant believe i`ve been out for 3 and a half months already!
Its interesting all that is going on in the world right now! I hadnt heard any of that! Keep me updated mom! So Elder Inostroza always asks in our nightly companionship prayer that the places in the world be opened up to the work. I thought that was interesting. I was reading in the Ensign from a general conferenceabout two years ago, and President Monson was giving the opening remarks/welcome. He promised that if the saints would pray for the areas of the world to accept missionaries that miracles would be seen and that we would see missionaries in these countries. Its amazing to see the reality of a prophet on the earth today! It truly amazes me, and I am so grateful for a modern day prophet! I am so excited to see the church spread and even more excited to be a part of it!

Elder Kellis

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