Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey Family¡¡
Yeah, I got stuck with this dumb keyboard again ¡¡¡ the one that does only upside down exclamation points and no numbers . .. only 5 and 6
Anyways that doesnt matter.
It was so good to hear that grandma is doing ok. It was a long week waiting to hear news today. I fasted on sunday for her and the family. Caity you are the best. Thanks for telling me about Obama. and Cheer. and Beef stroganoff. It was the best.
So youre getting ready for the cruise hey?¡ haha mom dont be scared¡¡ theres only been like a million tsunamis lately¡¡ you¨ll never drown¡ besides you go swimming all the time¡¡ hahaha.
Everyone here was watching the wedding too. I saw like seconds of it. I thought that the car could have been way cooler. Like a ferrari or something. But it must have been really cool other than that because everyone is like wow it was so beautiful¡ are all weddings like that in America? uhmm...that was in England...haha
Dad I want your job. Its sick. You get an iPad, an Apple TV, and all kinds of other stuff for free. And you get to wear suits all the time.
We arent allowed to skype because we cant use members houses computers, and so we would have to pay to use a cyber on sunday and thats breaking the sabbath so yeah, its all complicated. You should just send me an iPhone 4 and we'll call it a day haha. No but yeah its a bummer cuz christmas is on sunday too..so all 3 of my calls home, which is 4 for most elders will all be on sundays, but its cool cuz thats a really awesome sabbath day activity and woo hoo. So yeah, Ill call you at 8 my time which im pretty sure is 4 your time. And we´ll figure out if you want to call me right back or what cuz I didnt get a answer yet.
This week we had a really awesome baptism from the zone leaders ward. They have an investigator that is a taxi driver and he always takes all the missionaries to zone meetings and stuff. His wife was already a member. They got married on Thursday and his baptism was friday. It was a awesome service¡ Its cool..here in artigas, the stake president has made it really clear that he wants convert baptisms to be really well planned and well organized, he wants special musical numbers and stuff. So we as missionaries have been working really hard on that, all 16 of us go to any baptism there is in Artigas and support and sing and stuff. In my fist transfer we didnt do anything like that.
We got home from the baptism friday night after a rainy day and these little kids that live next door were pretending to have a war battle with us. So me and Elder Longfellow got our umbrellas and we had a really intense battle. We won of course because we had the new 2011 edition machine gun umbrellas that also serve as a shield when opened. We also had a nice base, the house, and made better pretend gun noises. haha it was really fun.
Me and Elder Rios are working really hard and seeing lots of miracles. Ever since my first couple weeks here in January we have been working with an inactive family, and their neighbors who are investigators, but their oldest boy Lenon is baptized 9 years old. We knocked on thier door every sunday morning for the whole first change and they never went. We dropped them. Then our first week with Elder Rios she asked us how come we stopped coming. We had a really awesome lesson with her and Lenon and they got excited to go to church and then talked to the inactive family across the street and they all went to church yesterday¡ I couldnt believe it I was so happy¡
The weather is getting colder and colder and rainier and rainier. Im loving it so far. Sometimes the rain catches us when we arent expecting it though and we get SOAKED in our shirts and ties and everything.
Well, I cant wait to talk on Sunday¡¡ Love you guys¡ P.S.
You can send something to the gmail account today and it should get here by tomorrow in the district meeting, so let me know what your plan is. but you gotta hurry today before they send off to artigas.
Love you so much¡
Ps, can you send me some cards, like UNO, RAGE, Phase 10 type cards for Pday, and a jump rope for excersices for the next package whenever that ends up being? thanks¡¡
Elder Daniel KEllis

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