Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whats up!

Gosh this week went extra fast with transfers and everything! Elder Rios is such an awesome comp! He trained last change and now we are tearin it up in Artigas! He is from Montevideo, his ward goes to the building on the temple square. He speaks perfect English. He has a girlfriend, nohelia, theyve been together 3 and a half years! She is waiting for him. haha Tomorrow is his birthday! He is turning 20. I want to make him cinnomon rolls but I dont have a recipe. =/ He has about 13 months in the mission. He is a legit pianist. He is short haha. Hes a good friend. He is so humble and loving, but is still cool and funny. his teaching-style is sweet. Much more friendly and less
doctrine shoving down their throats dropping the cain. We get along way good, and the mission just took a 180 for me now that I am with him!. Inostra was the man. But we were two very different people. I get to talk more in lessons, I feel much more confident as a missionary and in my spanish! I spent a night

So the 30th we are lookin at a baptism for the neighbors of Lilian! We are way excited! The Trindade Family is the name. They live in a little shack, half with like dried mud crumbly bricks, half with little metal sheets. The kids always ask me about my house, and if my family has a car. The floor is dirt and rocks. But the Dad has already read the BOM two whole times! And her favorite hymn is -Tu Me Has Dado muchas bendiciones, Dios-. or Because I have been given much. Read those lyrics and Imagine thier little house! The kids are so cute! One of them always writes me little love notes shes 11 dont worry. The other always wants to sit on my lap but thats against the rules haha.

So I know I told you about Daniel and Sabrina that everything was all pretty. haha. OH the DRAMMAAAA. So this guy on a moto stops, turns around and talks to us. Turns out its Daniel. Sweet! Rios can meet him and stuff! He lifts up his shirt, and Sabrina had poured something on him and light it on fire or something, his whole front was all burnt. It was ugly. He is the bigger and more violent one, so im worried about Sabrina. )=

We had a surprise Investigator in church yesterday! The Boyfriend of one of the sisters in the ward. She is 25. Her dad is a High Counselor. So anyways. We had an awesome lesson with them! Member missionary work is the way to do it guys! Help out the missionaries in your wards! Talk to your friends and stuff!

Well. I love you all lots! I love being a missionary and I love Uruguay!

-Elder Daniel Kellis

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