Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22

Hey Everyone!

My new companion and I had a pretty awesome week this week. We got back into a good work schedule, found lots of investigators, and went broke. haha

So Wednesday after 5 taxis, and 4 buses, Elder Garcia and I arrived into the little town of Cardona. It was quite the shock for him. He had no idea we were the branch conselors, that we were hours away from any other missionaries, and that the members dont feed us here. he was like "wait!, do we have to do interviews!? D=" hahaha it was awesome. He has come to love it here real fast though. Turns out I was wrong. he is from Honduras. He is a 22 year old convert, joined the church 3 years ago. He has quite the past! I guess its pretty dangerous where he is from, lots of drug salesman, shoot-outs stuff like that. His mom is half paralyzed from being shot in the head. His whole Dad´s side of the family is drug dealers, and his whole mom´s side are doctors. After his mom´s accident about 6 years ago, his dad starting drinking and getting into crazy stuff but was blessed by a heavely visit from two young men one day. Now he´s got a son on a mission, and one more coming up in a year. Its quite an awesome story! He is a great worker, and has a special testimony. He is straight up and not afraid to bear powerfully testimony. He´s the man.

Sadly, la Hermana Eva passed away this week. It was a sad news for the branch, since she was the pioneer of Cardona.

Jorge was put in the hospital for a couple days, just to get out of the freezing weather and to get a shower and some good food. Heath Care is universal here so a worried neighbor called in for hiim. the people here are so loving to the poor and needy. Its incredible. We visited one of Jorge´s neighboors who has a pretty huge nice house. She said she cooks him a soup everyday and brings him bread and stuff. I would say that that is just what any Uruguayo would do. Makes me think alot about what I would do if my neighbor didnt have food or clothes. We visited him on Saturday and he said to tell the branch hi, and to bring him a pair of clean clothes from his house. We took his old jacket and shirt home to wash them for him. I rinsed that bad boy like 15 times in a bucket and the water never came out clear. 30 times, yes. It did. haha.

We had pretty poca gente in sacrament meeting this week, so we just gathered in a little classroom, used the little table as the sacrament table and stayed nice and warm in that little room. It was a special experience.

We are thinking about doing an ASADO with some members for my birthday! Im excited!

We had a baptism this week! One of the kids (which make up half the congregation) who has been coming as long as I have been here has never been baptized. So that was special for thier family and Elder Garcia. He came from the center of downtown Montevideo so their wasnt much baptisms.

Well, I better get going. Ive learned so much this week. Hope you guys are all doing awesome!


Thanks for sending all your love and letters and prayers down this way!
Elder Daniel Kellis La Mision Montevideo Oeste
Enrique Martinez 1167
Montevideo Uruguay CP 11.800

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