Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Happy Birthday to me!!
Yes. I had cake. No ice cream though. Too cold! Haha Its actually a pretty funny story. Hermana Escobedo, lives next door, came knocking on our door on thursday morning and asked me for all the ingredients to me make me a cake for my birthday. It turned out really tasty though! It looks sad but it was dang good. I taught Elder Garcia how to make chicken fingers and we ate with Juan and his mom. Then we did a LOT of laundry and President Stephens came up and we did some visits. It was a pretty normal day. We did most of the celebrating yesterday, well, as much as you can really celebrate as a missionary haha with the Villegas family and Estefania (turned 20 on the 4th). They are struggling financially pretty bad lately. So I made a pretty delicious Sunday dinner for all of us (If I can say so myself) Milanesas and Puré de papas. Its kinda like chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes (except I baked them instead of fry) Elder Garcia made a mean fruit salad!!
I got stage fright really bad this week during sacrament meeting when I played the piano. It was so embarrassing! I did horrible. Poor Sister Stephens trying to lead with what sounded like a kid banging on the piano. President Stephens filled me in on all the football from this weekend. Sounds like there were some exciting games!!
I had a crazy dream this week that our ward totally went off the deep end that the meetings were a joke, that the bishop and leaders all went crazy and into apostasy and people were being just ridiculous. It was such a bad dream!!!!! I was so confused when I woke up. (I think I have been in Cardona for a long time) haha Its so sad the stuff that has happened here.
During Sacrament meeting last week I had a spiritual impression that we should go visit one of the sisters in the branch to do a referal activity. It was kind of a weird strong out of nowhere thing. But I followed the impression and we went on Friday. She gave us 7 referals!! WOW! It was also cool too, she is living with a SUPER SUPER old mother in law. I guess she asked for a wheelchair from the government (they have universal free healthcare here) and they sent her one from Montevideo. Turns out it was donated from the church! She said she was just so surprised and happy. That was a cool feeling for me to see that the church is helping. I remember in Artigas one time we helped a guy push his wheelchair home from buying groceries. As we pulled up to the house I looked on the back and realized it was donated by the church! Sweet huh?
So we have been helping Jorge get his house in decent shape right? Well they don't have water cuz the line is broken. So we called a plumber. We were going to meet at Jorge´s house but he ended up going to the church (I think cuz we are missionaries he just figured) Just so happens that there were some Brothren from the church offices there working on the leaks in the bathroom. So the plumber we called for Jorge was all confused and thought we hired someone else. Funny story.
Well, I love you guys! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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