Thursday, October 27, 2011

Man this is one of the greatest transfers of the mission! Elder
Olivares and I have been tearin it up real good ova herr. Its crazy
how tranquilo it is out here in the campo. Theres no cars, motos, or
movement. Just two horses from the neighbors mowing our grass for us
and a bunch of missionary work!

Juan and Dolores are doing pretty good. I am a little worried about
them just cuz they are having lots of problems financial, maridal, at
work, quiting tobaco. We are praying a LOT for them. Its hard to have
spiritual lessons because his alcoholic uncle always comes over and
doesnt let us talk. The other night we were over there talking about
the sabbath day and their super cute little daughter, covered in mud
and barefoot said that they couldnt go to church with their parents
because they dont have shoes. Its sad because they both have brand new
nice cell phones and a new dvd player, but their kids are barefoot. me
da pena. :( Virginia, Dolores´ sister was in a lot of pain with a
urinary infection. Its sad because they literally use the woods as
thier bathroom. She is a incredible little girl for the family
situation she lives in. She has a lot of faith and a lot of love. She
is only 9 but is very very mature and smart. She asked us to pray for
her and we told her we could give her a blessing. Its really special
to stand around a little girl in a box house of metal sheets with a
garbage bag roof and pronounce priesthood miracles. I felt the spirit
so strong and I know she did tool. After the blessing she was crying.

Sunday we had a fun time getting all muddy. Its been raining since
saturday. So Sunday morning we left for stake conference in basketball
shorts and tshirts. We got completely soaked and muddy. We got on the
rented church bus and went with the driver to pick up a couple members
and investigators. I got off the bus and ran to knock on a family´s
door, but i didnt notice the wire fence without wood stakes and
totally clotheslined myself. It was so funny but hurt really bad haha.
I totally face planted in a pile of mud a horse poo pie. I looked
around and the only person that saw me was the bus driver. Elder
Olivares said he died laughing and said to my companion hahahha! THE

We had an awesome stake conference and Elder Bradley Foster of the 70
presided. I shook his hand, thanked him for his talk and he came and
shook our investigators hand. Daniella, a 21 yr old new mom who has a
bunch of problems in her family and with her husband came. The topic
of the conference was temples, marriage, and family. Sweet huh!

This week is gonna be crazy! I hope everything comes out as planned.
Its not gonna be easy but I know we will see some miracles.

Tuesday we had interviews with President Heaton. My favorite part was
Sister Heaton´s cinamon rolls. The stake president came and talked to
the zone and told us to have lots of patience with the members here.
That we are used to a different world of mormonism and 1/2 the members
here if you ask them cant tell you what the atonement is. He asked us
to love and help them. It was great to be with President Heaton even
though it was only for a couple minutes. Poor old guy stays so busy!

Mom, the relief society down here is a lot different. I cant tell you
how many times I have seen a sister get a huge bag of clothes together
for a family or investigator that dont have much. They dont get
together very much, or have presidency meetings. Sometimes they do
visiting teaching. They dont really do all the organized stuff but
they love and serve a lot.

I love you all so much! Cuidense mucho les quiero!

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