Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Well let me just tell you about another awesome week in the coolest mission on erff!!

The other day we were at the Suarez family`s house and their super cute little 6 year old daughter got a new "gringa" doll. She asked me KELLIS!! COMO SE LLAMA TU HERMANA? I told her caity was my sisters name and she was like...OK! ASI LE VOY A PONER SU NOMBRE! =D haha 

We saw a couple minutes of the USA-Argentina basketball game this week...dang I forgot how fun it was to watch Basketball

We had a couple baptismal interviews this week. All 3 passed! Nicolas was baptized on Saturday. It was a really nice baptism and I gotta admit, it was really nice having a solid ward mission leader and ward missionaries. They had EVERYTHING all ready. The water was nice and warm, Nicolas had washed and ironed baptismal clothes, the talks and musical number and prelude was all assigned. There was a movie to watch before the service and while nico was changing. The only thing we did was show up and enjoy. We did set up a little table for investigators to take pamphlets and stuff. He called me Saturday night and said that he was sorry for being to embarrassed to get up and give his testimony after the ordinance, but that he really did feel something very strong during his baptism. On Sunday he came to church with real nice suit and tie. I was so impressed! He always came in jeans, and we hadnt talked about that to him yet...oops..but he is just the MAN and figured it out. He will be ordained a teacher pretty soon. 

Mirtha and Jenny will be baptized this Saturday. I wish I had time to tell you everything about them, they are so awesome! 

This Sunday the Montevideo Temple President and his wife came to our wards meetings. It was cool talking to some Americans...They have the coolest story of how they met at BYU! He also gave a really inspiring talk about how to better take advantage of our temple visit. He has served as a mission president in Ecuador and a MTC president in Columbia. I learned a lot! 

One new thing my comp and I decided to start doing is sing on the buses. People sing on the buses all the time to make a little cash, and so we decided that why couldnt we do it to spread the gospel!? ITS THE COOLEST THING EVER!! you just stand up, say a lil somethin somethin about the church, sing one of your favorite hymns and everyone loves it and then they all clap for you and we give the whole bus a pass-along card and then they try to offer you money and you´re just like no its cool!! haha could life get any better!? I SUBMIT THAT IT CANNOT! haha brian regan.

alright..well..this week is gonna be super legit. We have zone conference and 2 baptisms so hasta luego mi quierida familia!

Elder Daniel Kellis
La Mision Uruguay Montevideo Oeste
Enrique Martinez 1167
Montevideo Uruguay CP 11.800

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