Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 23

Hola mi familia buenasa!

Whats crackin in Arizona! It looks like you are in for a couple monsoons this week! The office Elder is from Arizona and has the weather on the desktop. This week was actually really nice here. 

Elder Pace is a CAPO! We are turning Cerro around. Everyone (the APs and the other ZLs) is looking real close at cerro because it went down so much last transfer, and they are all expecting it to explode now that Elder Pace and I are together. I know it will. It feels so good to be doing things right now! I dont have too much news for you. We are having a blast as comps and working real hard. We are kinda starting from not having much going on in our area and the we did a lot of finding, doing refferal activities, vising the ex-bishops to dig out a bunch of good info. Elder Pace has been ZL for about 4 changes so got some good stuff up his sleeves.

We found out that the President of Uruguay lives in our area, I guess he didnt want to live in the "white house", but preferred living in his farmland just outside of Cerro. They also told us that you can just go knock on the door. There is always a police officer there. We decided we had to go baptise him. Turns out the person that told us didnt know what he was talking about because we got tazed...haha just kidding. No, turns out he lives in our zone but in a different ward. oh well. It was a fun idea.

Mom, you asked, we talk in English all the time. We talk a lot about the zone, what things we can do, change, what things need to happen and what needs to stop happening, we talk a lot about BYU and a little tiny tiny bit about getting home. hahaha

We have a couple really awesome families we are teaching. The last couple missionaries here baptized a bunch of kids that are all inactive now, and the ward mission leader kinda has a new direction going. Families and future Priesthood holders. It´s great being a missionary, its gratifying to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ every day, I feel so excited about being a mormon all the time. Its fun.

Love you all a bunch!

Elder Daniel Kellis
La Mision Uruguay Montevideo Oeste
Enrique Martinez 1167
Montevideo Uruguay CP 11.800

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