Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week 3

¡Que Tal errrybody!

I am loving it down here! Every week just gets better and better. The time is going faster and faster! It seriously seems like yesterday I was writing email. The days are starting to kinda blurr together. We have the same schedule almost every day! 4 classes, 3 meals, and an hour to play sports!

Speaking of sports, we have basically converted 100% to soccer after the turkey bowl on thanksgiving. We figured we better get good if we´re gonna be stud missionaries in Uruguay. Well, I haven´t played soccer since I was like 6 in that little league team where we all just attacked the ball. So needless to say, I have had a lot of embarassing moments on the futbol court. yeah its a court. I have been getting better though! (as in....ive been getting better at just cherry picking next to the goal, and scoring sometimes) The Elderes and Hermanas have a fun time watching me. I scored like 5 goals yesterday though! So im getting better. Its funny, the goal is right inbetween the court and the temple construction zone, so we kick the ball over the 2 fences and 100 ft into the constructionness all the time. ITs awesome though...the Guys working at the temple love to kick the ball back, and they kinda fight over it. Its awesome.

Sundays are my favorite day here, I don´t remember if I told you already, but we have 2 hours of personal study time, sacrament meeting of course, sunday school as a district, and priesthood with president George. Then we have some free time to write letters and stuff, then we get to watch a recorded devotional from the Provo MTC, usually Elder Holland from the last 10 years. They are so amazing. He is such a missionary motivator. I have learned so much from him. In fact, I was wondering If you could send me in the mail some missionary talks, not necessarily all from Elder Holland, but just some good ones, that would be great!! (theres on inparticular by elder rasband that talks about how elders are called and the proccess. its from priesthood session) But anways, after the recorded devotional we eat an amazing dinner, usually like a nice meat and pchopped otatoes or something. Then we get to watch a movie. So far we have watched the movie about Gordon B. Hinckleys life, The Mountain of the Lord, and the Joseph Smith movie in the visitors center. All three have been awesome, and I have learned from them. I wanted to share an experience from the Mountain of the Lord one though. The movie is about the Salt Lake Temple. It really teaches well about its history and the early saints. I really came to love the work that they did and the sacrifices that they made, and more than usuall. I remember how my parents were sealed in that temple. I remembered that because of all of thier labors and 40 years of sacrifices, my parents were able to get married there. I came to really appreciate temples and the incredible blessings that they bring. I am so grateful for that opportunity that my family has to be sealed in The House of the Lord. I hope that you get the opportunity to watch it!

Today we got a new round of Latinos at the MTC, they are all way cool. I love having them here, we learn spanish so much faster being able to talk to natives all the time. One of my new roomates is from Uruguay! He has a way thick accent, I can BARELY understand him, so me and Elder Hales are hoping that its just him. Its also interesting, he is about the same height as me, if not taller! I have never met a Latino taller than me!

Yesterday we had an Asado. It was amazing. Steak. It was beautiful.

Our teacher, Hermano Melerio is leaving to Provo. He is a returned missionary from Argentina and is such an awesome guy. He is way funny and a great teacher. We are sad he is leaving. We all think he is going to Provo because he wants to find a nice Americana.

Oh by the way Dad, the Peruvian Latinos here are the coolest, by far!

The chef is so cool. He wore a Papa Noel hat yesterday for the asado and repeated Feliz Navidad!!! for each person as we got our steak. He whistled christmas songs the rest of the meal. Gotta love that guy.

I´m glad that my written letter got there! I honesty was like OK! here it goes! hopefully this thing gets to halfway across the world where the toilet flushes the other way and its cold instead of hot! haha

We had a rougher day proseliting this Sat. Everyone just seemed in a horrible mood. We got a LOT of dirty looks and people wounldn´t even recognize that we existed as we waved and said hello. We even ran into an Argentinian Anti-Mormon who had Anti-Mormon pamphlets in his hand before he even saw us. Everyone we did talk didn´t even believe in God. It was really really an intersting and wierd day. I couldn´t believe it. We did manage to reach out the heart of one 18 year old young man. He answered the door with piercings all over his face and told us he didnt really believe in religion and stuff. He was really a humble and nice guy though. We told him the story of Joseph Smith, how he was confused and didn´t know how he felt about religion as well. I really loved his humble attitude, because he was willing to go to church, and let us come again. He told us of his desire to know for himself like Joseph Smith did. We are really excited to teach him on Saturday! Pray for him, and us!

My favorite part about the MTC, and probably my whole mission, wow, this is hard. But one thing I have really come to love is personal Study. We have an hour each morning for personal study. I learn so much, and really dive into the scriptures during that time. Its hard to stop when the clock hits 9. It really is!

Oh by the way mom! I have shaved and made my bed EVERY day since you last saw my face. just sayin.

Besitos, hmmm...well Elder Lopez is gone...but Besitos, and any american candy would be amazing!! They have good candy and sweets here..WAY BETTER THAN MEXICOS. But the Latinos love to try American Candy! I really miss mexican food though. I havent had a single bite of ANYTHING mexican. Its sad.

Luches and Dinners...hmm...lots of spinach. Its in half of our meals, and surprisingly its not that bad. SPINACH PUFFS!! i always think of Emperors new groove. We have meat. We have casseroles, spaghetti, These wierd sausages that its better if you just dont look at what it is and just eat it. We eat a lot of potatoes and I eat fruit every meal. Lunch and dinner are usually the same as far as size. But they always have the better food for lunch. and dinner is u sually lighter. Humidity. yeah definately getting more used to it. The temple isnt doing anything because its still in construction. bummer. but its coming along really great!

We get to go Caroling Christmas eve! Have an amazing week and I love each one of you so much!!!

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