Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 4

Merry Almost Christmas!!!

I guess i´ll start off with the bad news...since i´m in the MTC I won´t be able to call for Christmas. Theres just too many Elders and not enough phones. =(

Lots of good news though!! Yes, we do get to teach the people we find. Last Saturday we had 4 appointments with people that we had found knocking doors. None of them were home though =( we have 3 weeks at each area we proselite in, then we get transferred to a new area, probably so the legit assigned missionaries can do the rest. We just refer all of our investigators to them. While out on Saturdays, me and Elder Hales have decided not to do any shopping or eating out or anything. We want to teach and find every second we can! I have bought a water bottle and ice cream at a little supermercado though cuz it was really hot last saturday, and these latino teenage guys asked us for our water, so we let them use our bottles, but they don´t really observe the "waterfall" technique when using a strangers water bottle here. So we just gave them to them after they made out with our bottles and got new ones =) I haven´t been sick at all! and my thumb is looking better each day! ;) We are excited to go sing carols on christmas and yes, we sing christmas songs to open every district meeting (class) 4 times a day. yeah. I´ve gotten pretty good at leading music =) So I found out that the comedor is the choir president in his ward! no wonder he is always whistling! We have become way cool. Yeah, I bet you didn´t know that I get to chill with an Argentenian Cook, Choir President, and Argentina Area Santa Clause every day. haha he´s the man. We also get to have a Devotional on Christmas, probably from the area presidency or maybe President and his wife. Either way, that should be way cool. On christmas eve, our schedule says "christmas activities" so we are all excited to see what that means! Its cool seeing all the christmas decorations when we go proseliting! We have tried as best as we can here. We have a christmas tree and a little nativity in the dining room, buts thats about it. We have made snowflakes in the classrooms and stuff. I also have figured out that the packages in the envelope things can be basically any size. As long as its not a cardboard box. Dont get crazy though. Oh and turns out the "Bonpland" address is way faster and better than the "Autopista" address.

I did get a haircut about 2 weeks ago. This argentinian guy comes in 2/3 weeks and he is ridiculously fast! he can whip out like 20 haircuts in an hour, no joke. Its pretty amazing to watch. Actually, im gonna go watch see ya!!! haha jk Im not sure how i feel about how it turns out but its fast and decent so lifes good.

The latinos are all way cool, I think I like the last group better, but everyone says that you always like your first group the most. There is this one little tiny mexican elder who is way cool though. We have been playing basketball together during sports, and he is like this little fireball tazmanian devil. its really funny to watch latinos play basketball and even funnier to watch gringos play soccer. the Uruguayan has become easier to understand, but its not uruguayans in general becasue this other elder from uruguay is way easy to understand and way cool.

It´s getting hotter and hotter, not as bad as AZ though!! So whats the deal with Jake? let me know what happens!

I have really been just loving the Book of Mormon this last week. Its becoming more and more real to me. We had a really awesome class this week with Hermano Milerio. He was a really really awesome awesome teacher. Imagine the sarcasticness of the Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man, plus the spiritual giant and great example of like john bytheway or a really awesome missionary, then make him argentinian, single, and a stud. anyways, he taught us the LAST class, and made it really special. He talked about A successful missionary, and then we listened to a bunch of testimonies of the savior from apostles and prophets. It was incredible. I really was able to feel the power of an apostle or prophet of Jesus Christ, and feel the power of their testimony.

So wednesday is our p-day this next wednesday, and thursday is proseliting day! so write on wednesday instead!

I miss the English hymns, and a lot of times wish I could read them and look up scriptures along with them during study time.

Elder Hales and I are getting along way good. We teach great. We´re great friends, and life is good with him by my side. haha ;)

Hope everythings going really well!! I love you guys so much. Know that I think about each of you specifically and love you so much!

Lots of Love,
-Elder Daniel Kellis

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