Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week 5

Hey Everyone!!

I hope life is good in the states because its pretty dang crazy awesome here in the Buenos Aires MTC!! We are all way excited for Christmas. Today we practiced and came up with some really cool Christmas approaches for contacts tomorrow. We are way excited to hear from the Area President on Christmas Morning. But most of all, we are all excited to be in one of the most amazing spiritual places at the most awesome time of year!

I did´t get to read too much of your letters before I gotta write, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I didn´t realize that I wouldn´t be able to email you before your birthday last P-day. Thats cool that you are getting my letters every week! I got the 3 packages today! So that was pretty sweet! Im gonna wait to open them until christmas. =) All the missionaries were really jealous.

It´s crazy to think that when I leave the MTC my mission will be 1/12th over! Its just not enough time!! I love it. There is nothing happier than giving your everything to the Lord. I heard some way cool quotes this week that I wanted to share.

1. Your mission starts ending when you wake up on your second day in the MTC.
2. Missionaries leave their families for 2 years so that other families can be together for eternity.
3. 3 Nephi 5:13

So as far as proseliting, I do have a way cool expirience from Saturday. We were walking down a really really busy loud street in our new area and here in Argentina, the houses and the little markets on busy streets sometimes all look the same, so you´ll be passing through what you think is a little strip mall type thing, but then there´s a random house. So anyways, we passed by this house and in Argentina, probably 1 out of 50 houses can you actually get to the door. All the houses here have a gate in front of the house and you ring a doorbell out by the street and they have little microphones and speakers. It makes it pretty hard to get people to talk to us, but we do our best. Well we rang a door bell and a Argentinian lady came out. Her name is Ana and she is about 40ish. We started out with a quick little taste of the awesome message we had to share. She didnt seem to interested so we just talked to her for a little bit about life and family type stuff. We started talking to her and she is studying at a University down here. She told us how she was having a really hard time with school and how it was expensive. We powerfully bore sweet testimony of the reality of the blessings we recieve when we come unto Christ. She just started crying, we knew that she felt the spirit, and it was really a miracle with the crazyness of the street around us.

I hope that your Christmas is so incredibly amazing!

Our family picture from BYU is on my scripture case, and everyone always tells me how cute our family is! except i dont let them for you Caity! theyre not allowed!! haha jk ;)

Tell Tyler to at least wave to a cute girl next time he wrecks the car! haha

Love you all so much!
Tell people that email is better than DearElder. I can get them from anybody. and Dear Elders take years.

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