Monday, November 14, 2011

from Daniel

Well I definately have got to say that we had an awesome week in Salto Colonia 18! Elder De Hoyos and I are tearin it up real good out here! Its interesting because we have started a new study schedule as part of the new missionary training program which requires an extra hour and a half of studies. It also requires that we study our 4 hours of study every day even if we have things going on in the morning like church, weekly planning, or district meeting. So almost 4 days a week we dont start working until 5 or later. But Sin embargo, we are being blessed with some great investigators, and lots of help from the members!

On Wednesday poor Elder de Hoyos had to do his first splits with the brethren in the ward. I remember the first time I went on splits my first couple weeks in the mission and I had no idea how to speak spanish, and even worse, not being able to talk to your companion. He said he just followed the hermano and his moto on his bike and then when they got there he just looked at the hermano like! hahaha....Im sure it was great. Our side of the splits were AWESOME! Weve been trying to get through to Daniela`s husband. He has been hiding from us and stuff. He`s kind of a motorcycle, buff, cool guy that likes to joke around, but is super cool and chill and down to earth, kind guy. So I told Jorge, the hermano to come in a polo and sunglasses or something. totally worked. He broke him down a little bit and he even accepted to come to church with him on Sunday. He ended up going hunting all weekend with some guys so that was a bummer...but...we`ll get through to him. 

We are also teaching Fabian (23) and Diana (17). Fabian is the young men`s presidents son and was baptized but I guess never confirmed. Diana is his pregnant girlfriend. Fabian has always wanted to go to church and stuff but I guess she was never too excited about it, but after a couple lunches with the Young Men´s President and his family, she has gotten a little more interested in the gospel. They want to get married and baptized!

We also have Claudia, she`s the one who`s husband beat her for listening to us. Well, Juan, the one who was just baptized a couple weeks ago is his neighbor and has been going over every day explaining to him about the pamphlets and the book of mormon and stuff. They went to Elementry School together. Claudia and Dolores were arch enemies because of some old rumors a while ago, but we had her read in For the Strength of Youth pamphlet about friendships and she decided to forgive Dolores and come to church with them. The crazy thing was "them" included Claudia`s husband!! 

Gerardo is doing awesome....He will be baptized on Saturday! 

We had a great week and my time is really short today but I know the church is true and love the work!

Love you guys!

I couldnt even think about what else you could send but....definately a big bag of skittles!!!!!

Tell grandma I love her and hope she gets better! 

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