Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey Family!

My time is very short today but let me tell ya. This week was absolutely ridiculously awesome! I picked up Elder De Hoyos from Montevideo on Friday...You`ll NEVER guess where he is from! its this little place a little north of Provo called Pleasant Grove haha...yeah he is American. He is the MAN. He is doing really well with Spanish even though he cant really talk that much..he is doing better than I did at first! He played tennis for BYU Hawaii! Isnt that awesome! President totally spoiles me everytime with my companions. I am super excited to work with him and we are already seing so many blessings and miracles!
Church yesterday was the crowning event to the week. Do you remember me telling you about Gerardo (25)? Well he is the one that came home and cought his wife (not married though) cheating on him with another guy. He came over to his parents house last Sunday and was just DESTROYED. He had 2 kids with her. I have never seen a human being so torn up and hurt. He looked like the life was taken out of him. But we gave him a priesthood blessing. His family is all sealed in the temple except for him, and they are all awesome. Missionaries have taught him lots but he hasnt had any support from his ex. So I think the Lord was kinda preparing a way for him. But he came to church yesterday and his mom asked us to give him another blessing with the branch president. His little brother, Gabino (21)  helped us. As soon as we put our hands on his head he just started weeping. Hard. Then Gabino started the blessing and he started weeping. The blessing was powerful, tender, and perfect, counseling him and blessing him to follow Christ, be baptized and join his eternal family. Well then I started crying and after the blessing we all just embraced. It was one of the most powerful moments on my mission. After Church we went over to his house and gave him a baptismal date for the 19th of November. He is super excited and the gospel is helping him ALOT.
Then we had Daniela. She`s the 21 year old who came to stake conference and met Elder Bradley Foster. She is the first investigator I have ever had that came to church with a skirt on and that wasnt the only thing that impressed the whole branch. She bore her testimony in testimony meeting as well. She didnt want at first but I told her the story about Quinn Mitchells simple AWESOME testimony that God loved him that one day. That must of really touched her. She asked me to walk up there with her...I just kinda stood up in the back..haha..but she left the pulpit after her awesome testimony and then SHE started bawling. I think she was either REALLY nervous or had a really special experience. Hopefully the 2nd...but an Hermana came over and hugged her and told her to come sit down with her. We need to start working with her husband so that she can get baptized. They arent married yet. But she is definately going to get baptized one day!
Well I wish I had more time but just know that we are gonna have an awesome next 3 months here in the coolest part of Uruguay! wise...right now its not so cool...its getting SUPER HOT!! but its all good...
Love you all!

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