Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

I have a crazy headache and hardly any time. I had a bunch of assignments from the APs to get done on the computer today and don´t really have any time but things are going real well! We decided to temporarliy change the name of our zone to "Los Angeles" because we going to live our purpose so well that we will be sent as answers to prayers of the people in our areas.
This week we had concilio. It was awesome becasue we got to eat some amazing food. I learned more in that day that I ever did as a leader. It had to do with Satans plan to force us to do the right and Christ´s plan to help, love, and guide us but give us the final decision on each of our choices. We were taught how Christ would lead a zone, or for that matter anything.
The church is starting a new meeting for missionaries at least here in South America where we are putting together a zone conference without the president each month after concilio where we can bring what we learned into our zone better. It takes the place of district meeting and is a lot shorter. Im excited for tomorrow we prepared some awesome stuff!!
Im super jealous you were all in Hawaii!!! Hope you had fun! I heard the new Iphone 5 comes out this week. How is Mitt romney looking?
I got a little sick this weekend. Its been ruff on me. Today we went to like a lame version of a state fair thing and I was in the sun all day.
Guess what! I get to be one of the 24 out of 400 missinaries (from both missions) that were asked to sing for when Elder Oaks comes! That will be great! Cant wait for general conference!

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