Monday, September 10, 2012

September 3, 2012

Buenas tardes para todos que estan por alla!

Let me tell you about our exciting week! I took Elder Pace to his new house close to the Cerro Stake Center Tuesday night, then brought the Elder he replaced to the Bus Terminal downtown in Montevideo, spent the night with the misisonaries in that area. Bad idea. haha They threw a matress on the floor for the 4 of us and we each slept halfway on it, I drew you a nice little drawing there for a visual aid. I directed traffic for the morning and headed back home. My comp, Elder Navarro arrived in Cerro from just one ward over on Wednesday morning. Before he could unpack we were already back into the busy full-time missionary life. We had a meeting with our new district leaders and got them real excited about this transfer. We set them really high goals and I was impressed last night to see how well they responded! We found out Thursday that Cerro was the most successful zone in the mission. Its such a blessing to be here and be a part of all the excitement in missionary work!

Elder Navarro is a funny guy. He loves giving hugs to all the missionaries and basically squeezing them into 2 pieces. I literally run away when he starts trying to hug me haha. I feel bad becasue here it is totally normal the moment you meet someone to just straight out tell them DANG YOU ARE FAT!! haha
I think that bothers him a lot and it makes him feel self-concious. But he is a great leader and even though can be kinda wierd sometimes is just super fun to be around. Im teaching him to stop taking his calling as ZL as something like a status or a reward or a very important requirement to be able to get married to some girl from the states but an opportunity to serve and be an example. haha

The Ward Missionaries through me a birthday party this week. We have a family in the ward that is just super missionary enthusiastic. The oldest daughter just got back from a mini-mission in Tacuaramb√≥. The father is the stake mission head on the high council and the mom and daughter are ward missionaries. Hermana Suarez does a great job of adopting us as her kids and making us feel loved and at home. She does such a good job of teaching the gospel principles class!! They have some wierd traditions here for birthdays! haha like pulling your ear lobes as hard as you possibly can! haha not fun at all!! But the coolest part was that Elder Rios, my companion from here in Montevideo when I was in Artigas came out to the party. We´ve kinda kept in contact and he was serving in this ward at a time. He baptized Maria when he was here. She was LOCA to see him and to actually be able to hug him! Maria just kept thanking me so much for having a birthday haha

Well, thanks for all the love and prayers. If you send anything, send it through fed ex or DHL. letters included.

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