Monday, October 29, 2012

October 15, 2012

Sounds like you had a fun fall break! Do you have any awesome stuff like that planned for when I get back? Oregon? =D I really love hearing from you. Thank you for always being so good at writing me. There are lots of missionaries that don´t have that privelege.

Changes were kinda fun. I really like the new missionaries in our zone. 2 of them just started the mission. Elder Silva from Brasil and Elder Nelson from St. George, UT. They, along with the other new missionaries are really young, excited, focused missionaries. We had our zone meeting this week. It was pretty stressful becasue we hadn´t even prepared anything with all the transfers and stuff going on. The night before, Elder Navarro got a little sick. It went really well though. We had some fun activities and I got good responses. 

The ward here is so awesome. Sunday was such a good fast and testimony meeting! Probably the best in my whole mission!

The weather is starting to change...its getting pretty hot. I think I got a sunburn. We were helping a older couple fix some problems with their antenna on the top of their roof and I got a nice sunburn line from my flip flops and then a little red on my neck. You can imagine how white my feet are after 2 years as a missionary! haha

Uhmmm...Im trying to figure out what would be cool to bring home as souveneirs...Haven´t found anything AWESOME yet but still looking. I dont have too much time to be trunky which is nice. 

Im dead from playing I think Im going to go relax at home for a little...I love you guys a bunch! sorry for the lame letter.

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