Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hey hey hey!

Dad, you asked about general conference. It is live here, but due to the time difference we start at 1pm. the second session starts at 5 and the priesthood session at 9pm! The missionaries can´t be out that late so we all get together Sunday morning and watch the recorded version. I CANT WAIT FOR CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom, I was one out of the 5 missionaries that had the blessing to be interviewed by Elder ViƱas. It was interesting reading all my friends and cousin´s letters, sounds like the 70s have been visiting lots of missions. 

Well, this was quite a week! I am reading the book of mormon in 60 days, and I am a couple pages behind but MAN! I am so addicted to the Book of Mormon! Its so good!

Saturday we had a stake service project. It was way fun! We had about 80 volunteers there and we did some WORK! we were all there from like 8am-5pm and the project wasnt done. What we did was basically completely re-landscape a special school for disabled children. It was cool to see how no matter what stake you are in, the young men will ALWAYS start a paint fight with the young women. The stake presidency will be the men who work the hardest out of all the priesthood. The women will pass around food. The mormon culture is so fun! haha Dad, I want to thank you for always setting the awesome example. I remember many times after ward/stake activities when us kids were pretty rushed to get out of there and go home, but you always made sure we didn´t leave until all the chapel was clean and that everything was taken care of. You saw the bigger picture than we did. Maybe you didnt realize but you were leaving a huge example for us for the rest of our lives. At about 1pm everyone was hungry and started heading out. I was helping the stake president level some bricks and overheard him talking to his couselor pretty worried that they werent going to get the huge job done. My comp and the other 2 missionaries from our ward were pretty ready to go. I was determined to stay until the stake president went home but we had a baptismal interview to get to at 7:30. But anyways, thank you dad. Im sure they appreciated our help.

I have a bunch of pictures but I forgot my camera.

Sunday was such an awesome day at church! The stake presidency came for fun and they all took a couple minutes in sacrament meeting. The four of us missionaries taught 5th sunday priesthood/releif society. Each Elder took 8 minutes to teach and demonstrate a stage of missionary work. (The members part of conversion) My stage was finding investigators for the missionaries to teach. I love teaching!

Well...There is so much more to tell but you will just have to read my journal when I get home. Im at page 300.

If you are really planning on sending a last package. I would just say peanut butter and like a whole bunch of halloween candy to share with latin companions and members. Im only 7 weeks from being home so its not like im desperate for a package either. 

Everyday I get closer I am so much more ready to be home and so broken to have to leave!
Elder Daniel Kellis
La Mision Uruguay Montevideo Oeste
Enrique Martinez 1167
Montevideo Uruguay CP 11.800

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