Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Well, I was chillin with Elder Dallin H Oaks on Saturday. We´re good buds now. I also got to meet Elder Hallstrom and got to see Elder Viñas again. Ok but jokes to the side this weekend was one that changed my life. Its something really special to be in the presence of 400 missionaries, 2 mission presidencies, a presidency of the seventy, a seventy, and the traslator...hahah...oh and the audio guy. hahaha...I think my favorite part was singing a billion prelude songs and looking over the huge chapel filled with missionaries. Oh wait! no! The part when Elder Oaks shook my hand! wait no! When Sister Hallstrom told us how much our mothers loved us and were proud of us...wait no!! when Elder Viñas remember me from our interview and gave me a special hug...wait no! When We sang our actual musical number and the director Elder Bear was directing like a super happy mad was SO TOTALLY WICKED!!! The talks were so powerful and It was awesome to see How Dallin H. Oaks actually has a really happy huge just dont see it in general conference...he is a huge goof and a stud!! haha

I learned a lot about repentance and its role in our lives, the apostles lives, the investigators lives, and Christ´s role in all our lives. I respect our mission president and his wife so much! Oh guess what!! Elder Oaks, Hallstrom, and Viñas all went to visit the President of Uruguay, the Minister of the Interior, and the Supreme Court and called all them to repentance! Elder Oaks is the man. Just in case you were wondering I love the gospel. I love the mission and I love the savior Jesus Christ!

My comp did way good this week. He had a life-changing interview with the president. 

Our ward had some very special baptisms this weekend. GUESS WHAT!! remember Tania from Rivera? well she is a primary teacher now! She loves it! oh and remember her parents! They got baptized and Luis is the 2nd counselor in the Elders quorum presidency! oh and remember her older brother Sebastian that we could never get to be baptized! he got baptized a couple weeks ago!!! they will be sealed in the temple in October 2013!!!! 

love you a bunch

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