Tuesday, July 10, 2012

April 16, 2012

This week was all about familia Lopez! We found them a couple weeks ago visiting members on the ward directory that we didnt know and were guided to the Lopez family. They were busy and said another day would be better. We asked about thier family, turns out thier 2 youngest are old enough to be baptized. We came back and set some goals for the family just like we always do at the beginning of the year during FHE. They came back to church and we set up a date for thier kids to be baptized. They are a really special family. The baptismal service was incredible. The spirit was so strong! The talk was perfect. I sang "More Holiness Give Me" to a piano instrumental I have on my iPod and the ordinance was extremely special. Then Bruno, the oldest gave his testimony. He said that he felt really happy and when he came out of the water that he felt the spirit go from his toes to his head. He is a strong kid and fought the tears, but when he sat down next to his dad he buried his head into his shoulders and burst into tears. I`ll never forget seeing that. To end, the bishop gave a AWESOME talk about baptism during his welcome to the ward. He took advantage of the presence of lots of investigators there. Magdalena and her 4 kids ( Ana Lopez`s sister) came to the baptism and LOVED it. They were going to another church but after the baptism asked if they could come to our church from now on and be baptized. YES PLEASE! They came on sunday and have a date for the 5th of May. Its crazy cuz we had set up a lesson with them on Friday, we took Hno. y Hna. Santana (coolest family in Uruguay) and when we got there Magdalena had just broken her arm about 5 minutes before we knocked on the door. She fell from a chair while changing a lightbulb, and had to go to the hospital. Satan`s a punk.We asked if we could come in, say a prayer for her and help her to the hospital. It was a tender moment for everyone. 

This will probably be my last week with Elder Nuñez. Im super bummed. I loved serving with him. He´s like the little Hondureño brother I never had. haha we die laughing and joking at night.

Thanks for your prayers, Mom! Eduardo went again. =)

I am so impressed with your charity, Mom. You`re an example to so many and you dont expect anything in return. I love you!

Monday was the first time I cried on my mission about home. As I read about the funeral and everything I was really sad. My comp came in and saw me and started teasing me. "KELLIS ESTÀ TRUNKY HAHAHHA!!!!" His mp3 player was on and Be Still My Soul started playing. I love the very end, 

"Be still, my soul: when change and tears are past, 
 all safe and blessed we shall meet at last."

Love you guys!

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