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June 18, 2012

Hey family!

It was great to hear about your adventurous week of traveling and what not. I guess you could say that we had a similar week. We were on the city bus for probably a total of 15 hours this week. The most fun part is that they stuff people in there so bad that you couldnt scratch your nose if you wanted to. There are about 5 buses and 5 taxis to every car here. We traveled a lot this week. Monday we have meeting with the district leaders. Tuesday we go pick up all the mail and bring it to the district meetings. Wednesday (first wednesday of each month) we had concilio at President Heatons house with all the ZLs in the mission. Friday our zone had interviews and we did a zone training meeting with the APs. Then we had to back to the offices to print off a map for a missionary in our zone who is opening the area with a young man from Salto who is gonna come do a mini-mission. 

Tuesday we went out to Delta del Tigre and the district out there. The district leader taught some wierd things like "missionaries can recieve personal revelation on how to correct the bishop in his calling" and made all the missionaries put up all thier weekly numbers and basically said they all sucked. Im glad we were there this week because we only go twice a transfer. We took care of that real fast. I heard one mission president say from a Buenos Aires mission that the 2 most incredible things about being a mission president is to see how stupid 20 year old missionaries can be but also its amazing how great and noble and heroic 20-year old missionaries can be. After the meeing we went and ate some real good pizza with the sister missionaries in our zone. They needed a little comforting after the meeting. One of the sisters in our zone is from artigas, her Mom passed away 2 weeks ago and is training a sister from Utah. She is a great example to me of pulling through trials and faith. 

Concilio was awesome mostly because we had american food haha but I also really enjoyed seeing a bunch of friends from the mission and being with President and his wife, being close to the temple is such a special feeling. Everytime we come down that street and see the angel moroni I feel so at home. I learned A LOT from the meeing and decided I need to be a lot more confident and excited about my zone. 

We had kinda anticipated it but one of the Elders from our zone decided to go home. I cant tell you how sad it made me to know that one of the missionaries in my zone was going to loose so many blessings. The APs told us on our way back to the offices after concilio and It was raining super hard. I didnt realize how much the mission meant to me until I got that news. Man that hit me hard. The president is awesome. He did everything he could to keep him here. He took a day out of his CRAZY ridiculously busy life as Mission president and took him to the temple, brought him to the mission home and talked it out but I guess he didnt understand the convenants he was making inside the temple. The area is going to suffer a lot because his companion came here to Cerro with me from Rivera and is going to have that young man from Salto as a companion. He´ll be opening the area.

Interviews with President were awesome! I learned so much and he helped me out a lot. That night we had a ward dinner and a devotional with the temple president which was really fun. We had 3 temple sealings this saturday just from our ward! So the ward was in a awesome temple mood. I got to know a bunch of members which was good. The members are always so awesome. Its awesome how no matter where you go or what country, you can count on meeting some awesome people. 

Its been raining all week. Our area is 90% dirt roads which has made it fun walking in the mud all day. Its nasty because there is no organized waste system so all the bags of trash get thrown around and eaten up by the dogs who starve in the streets. Its awesome seeing wet nasty muddy dogs eating poopy diapers in the middle of the streets. I feel like glendale dump is cleaner than my proselyting area haha. But let me show you this awesome scripture.

 And it came to pass that they did go forth, and began to preach the word of God unto the people, entering into their synagogues, and into their houses; yea, and even they did preach the word in their streets.
 And it came to pass that after much labor among them, they began to have success among the apoor class of people; for behold, they were cast out of the synagogues because of the coarseness of their apparel—
 Therefore they were not permitted to enter into their synagogues to worship God, being esteemed as filthiness; therefore they were poor; yea, they were esteemed by their brethren as adross; therefore they were bpoor as to things of the world; and also they were poor in heart.
 Now, as Alma was teaching and speaking unto the people upon the hill aOnidah, there came a great bmultitude unto him, who were those of whom we have been speaking, of whom were cpoor in heart, because of their poverty as to the things of the world.
 And they came unto Alma; and the one who was the foremost among them said unto him: Behold, awhat shall these my brethren do, for they are bdespised of all men because of their poverty, yea, and more especially by our priests; for they have ccast us out of our synagogues which we have labored abundantly to build with our own hands; and they have cast us out because of our exceeding poverty; and we have dno place to worship our God; and behold, ewhat shall we do?
 And now when Alma heard this, he turned him about, his face immediately towards him, and he beheld with great joy; for he beheld that their aafflictions had truly bhumbled them, and that they were in a cpreparation to hear the word.
Dad, our area is basically the Cerro Cemeterio and our streets where we live is Cont. Russia and Liberia. 

I havent taken any pictures because I dont really take my camera around. Im not even supposed to take my backpack around, just my scriptures in my hand because of all the robberies. So sorry I dont have any awesome pictures to send you. 

My companion is Elder Miranda from Panama. He is such a stud! He is 23. He has such a good heart and loves everyone he meets. 

Congrats on your coupon Dad! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!

Con mucho amor,

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