Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hey Family! 

Thank you for your prayers, I have really felt them this week. =)

We did a little more traveling to district meetings, baptismal interviews, ect. I really love going out to Ciudad del Plata, there is a pizza restaurant that we always go to after district meeting. We ordered 2 metros of pizza. thats basically a pizza as tall as me! Its really good too. I was looking forward to that trip for the last two weeks!

Wednesday we started the morning with helping an investigator´s Mom dig a 15´ trench. We dug a trench for the sewage pipe to go from the house to the bigger trenches that go along both sides of the street. It felt good to get some hard work in. Its been too long since I did some heavy yard work! It took us about 4 hours and then the investigator, the investigator´s mom, and a member all gave us lunch. We couldnt turn down any of them because if someone cooks for you and you dont accept it, you look like a huge jerk and they wont like you anymore. So we stuffed ourselves. Ana cooked us some Panama food (she lived there for a while) it was sweet fried bananas, not too bad! later, we preached the gospel. It was awesome. haha. I love all our investigators so much! You asked about the Nuñez family, Mom. They are doing alright. They didnt come to church on Sunday, He hasnt left his front door for 3 months, and she is sick, so we are trying to figure something out there. They have quite the history. 

Thursday we were at Ana and Adrian´s and we got a call from Elder de Hoyos and Elder Ramos from the other side of our ward. Their house had been robbed, they only took 2 cameras, an mp3 player, portable DVD player and speakers. Whatever they can find to get them drugs. Its sad becasue they trade the camera for only like 20 bucks worth of drugs. They are so addicted that the drug lord can get away with jippin em like that. So we headed over there that night and didnt get home til like 12am. The next day the two of them stayed home while we did all the errands to buy a new door, cement, hire a welder, ect. It cost us a whole day and 100 bucks. Sunday we were taking calls of all the zone reporting their weekly numbers when we got another call from Elder de Hoyos. They broke through the window this time and took their gas tank. (each house here has like a 20 gallon gas tank hooked up to the stove and oven) Its got about a 160 dollar value. You can´t call the police becasue they dont care anymore, they wont do anything about it. Elder Ramos only got an hour of sleep Saturday night becasue he felt so nervous that something would happen while he was sleeping, so you can imagine how anxious he was to get out of there last night. We had them pack all their bags and got a brother from the ward to bring them and all their stuff to another house in the zone. Today we gotta go find them a new house. 

Its kinda sad becasue the bad people here in Cerro are into drugs and the good people are discouraged because of all the evilness going around. Some parents can´t leave their house because their children will steal their stuff to buy drugs. The big drug here is PASTA BASE which is a mix of glass, rat poison, and some other crazy stuff. The government legalized marijuana this last week to try to calm down the pasta base. Its just a huge joke. The other day we were walking down the street and this dude yells "MIRA!!! MARIJUANA LEGAL!!!" The gospel shines so much brighter in dark places which is awesome for missionary work!

I love you guys so much!

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