Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May 21, 2012

There is never a dull week in the mission! This week was pretty full of awesomeness, mostly because it started out by skyping my family, but we did end up getting a date for the marriage a lot sooner than I thought they would be able to. It will be this Tuesday May 22. Tomorrow! haha we are getting a bunch of stuff ready for them (like a dress and a cake and transportation) Its been stressful but super fun. The most important part though has been getting them ready spiritually for their baptism. They are doing so good! I feel like we found that golden family of investigators! its the best. We did a fast with them on Sunday and they are so excited for this week.
Zone Conference was really good. We talked about the atonement of Christ and why we are here. President shared a really sweet testimony about a family of converts who were sealed in the temple in Montevideo last weekend. The family lost their youngest daughter when she was really young and they were able to have the blessing of sealing her to her parents. It was cool seeing a bunch of old friends like Elder Garcia my comp in Cardona and Hermana Flake from my freshman ward in BYU.
We are teaching Ivan, one of our friends getting baptized this weekend. He is super awesome and loves the gospel. We have been teaching him at a members house but decided to bring a member to his house and teach his uncles and cousins. It went really well because they all came to church on Sunday! Tania, 25, Ivans cousin is praying about what she should do about getting baptized. Luis (Uncle) and his wife are pretty catholic but they are enjoying our discussions. We taught tania how to say a prayer and the next day at the end of our lesson he offered to say the closing prayer. We were like uh oh. he is probably gonna bust out an ave maria or a Lord`s prayer or something, but he said a really sweet humble prayer and thanked heavenly Father for sending us to his house. I love how just hearing somebody say a prayer for the first time is one of the most joyful feelings. I cant imagine seeing them in the Celestial Kingdom.
Natalias wedding got moved back another week to the 6th of June. I probably wont be here which is a huge bummer. But Im glad she is getting baptized! Thats what is important.
Our electric water heater broke this week. We had one of the ward missionaries who works as an electrician come check it out. We just needed a new part. So we went and bought it. He started taking it apart and putting the new part in. When he got the last wire placed there was a fast boom and the pipe coming out of the wall bursted open and caught the electricity and so that made a bunch of fireworks and sparks and super bright light. I thought Elder Kohl and I were pretty legit with our reflexes because I ran downstairs to turn the water off and he ran to the other room to turn off the electricity. I was yelling from downstairs IS HE OK!!!?? Dang that was scary haha. He miraculously didnt get shoked. I dont know how. I dont know why he didnt turn off the electricity in the first place.
I got a package on Tuesday...thanks mom! BUTTERFINGER!! AHHHHHH its so good.
Take LUCK!

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