Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May 14, 2012

Ok first off happy late mothers day to all those moms out there who get my emails! Moms are the best!
I dont have too much time to write today because we went on a trip to Tranqueras today with Vega to take some more steps towards getting this marriage done. It was a complete FAIL. I called on Friday and they said that the Judge would be there today...OUR P-DAY. So we decided to go anyways. We are in a hurry because changes are coming up soon and I want to be here for the baptism. Well. turns out the judge wasn't there!  So we wasted 5 hours and 20 bucks on bus tickets. Oh well. Good thing Vega is patient.
Tomorrow we are traveling to Tacuarambo as a zone for zone conference. That will be cool.
The week was awesome. Ill tell you more about it next week if I remember.
the coolest news is that Viky, Vega`s sister started listening to the discussions and now she is gonna get baptized with her brother. Also, Ivan, 17, is gonna get baptized that day. We are hoping for it all to be on the 26th with Natalia`s baptism too. SEA OF WHITE! how awesome and beautiful and special!
I love you guys! It was awesome to talk on Mothers Day. I had a bunch of questions but I forgot. ok bye! Love you all!

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