Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 17

Hey family! Guess what! I´m getting a new companion! Elder PACE!!!!! Elder Pace is from New York and we started the mission together in the same MTC group. He will probably walk on to BYU for either Basketball or Football. He is about 6´7" and I´m excited to get some good work outs in the mornings in with him before getting home. He is also a great leader and basically just the man. 

This week was pretty simple. We delivered the house the other Elders were renting to the real estate agency, we had to go with them to look at it. turns out they came and robbed the metal gate door on the front of the house. Im glad we were able to get that out of our hair. Now, we are just waiting for the church attorney to get the contract finished so we can move into the new house, I would guess we will move in in 2 or 3 weeks. 

We had a meeting with the Stake President on Friday. I gotta say Dad, I think you guys were a way cooler stake presidency inviting them over for breakfast and everything! We did have a good meeting though. He is a great President. On the bus on the way back home we saw a blind man that was getting off. We got off with him and asked him if needed help getting somewhere. We told him we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ and he grabbed my comps arm and we helped him run a couple errands, then get him back to his bus stop. Before getting on he gave us a huge hug. I have never met such a humble happy guy! He is 24 and we are gonna get him a copy of the Book of Mormon in braille! unfortunately he doesnt live in our area, but the other Elders are already teaching him. They said he just smiled so big the entire lesson, they are going back today.

We had interviews with president yesterday and for our last full day together, we treated ourselves to burger king! ahh man it was so good! Its been so long since I had a good burger. It was only 15 dollars for the california whopper combo! haha but way worth it.

STEVE NASH ON THE LAKERS! no way! I dont think purple and yellow will look good on him..

Well, I think there might be another international strike, which just started yesterday. Good thing you just send me the package! haha im not too worried though. They just don´t want to work in the cold haha but then they are going to starve and want to work. (not true, just a joke) Mom, you asked about chap stick, Its so humid here, ive never had to use chapstick. I still have 3 just in case. Just save the money from all the packages and put it towards a new iPhone =)

shout out to Uncle Mike and Uncle Jeff for always writing me, you guys are awesome and thanks for all your love and support!

Elder Daniel Kellis

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