Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June 26, 2012

Well its good to know that you are all doing so well. I am enjoying life as a missionary here in cerro. I finally got some pictures to send. hope you enjoy. Mom, thanks for sharing your story about the temple, that was really sweet. I want to go to the temple so bad! I havent been since we first got to the mission. We might be allowed to go the p-day of transfers around 17 of july. Its hard because pdays are always mondays and mondays the temple is closed. But transfer week pday is on tuesday. 

This week we had a lot more time to work in our area which was nice. We found a really awesome couple with 8 kids! They are slowly learning more about the gospel, but im excited to see how things go. We`ve only had two lessons with them, but they really enjoy our visits and guess what!!! somehow they found some hot peppers and they gave us an entire grocery bag full of em! FINALLY some spicy food! haha this week I ate some wierd stuff. cow intestines and pig skin. I dont recommend it. haha

I was looking at the history of Cerro. The last Sunday that our ward didnt have a single investigator at church was in August of 2011. We have had goose-eggs for the last two weeks. It bothers me a lot because I feel like we dont use our time wisely and Im tired of being awake alone until 11am. But hey, Im learning a lot about the scriptures and watching LOTS of conference talks! =D My comp has a hard time sleeping at night. I talked to him about our obedience and a couple things we could do better and he got teary eyed and explained that he wants to be better so bad but just doesnt get sleep at night. So we dont study together, or pray together very much, which weakens our companionship spiritually. Thats the most important tool we need when we leave the front door, and when we dont have it, things get rough, your concience gets heavy, guilt sneaks in, and discouragement defeats faith. Im praying so hard to do my best.

Montevideo....hmm...You asked whats better about montevideo. I love being close to the offices and the temple. I love seeing the beach all the time. I love being at the top of cerro and seeing the city at night. There are some awesome members here. I feel like Im back at El Mirage. Its super ghetto here and the people have that funny gangsta-atitude. It makes me laugh a lot. There are a lot of really nasty houses and poor people with 2 nasty yellow and black front teeth and like 5 bleeding sick pets but they have direct tv and a brand new computer and a smart phone. Its pretty sad.

Hey can you send me pictures of the baptism!? I was praying for caity this week that she would have an awesome time at EFY.

Well, love you all! I havent been getting any of those forward emails of all my missionary friends...keep sending em! =)

Abrazo grandote

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