Tuesday, July 10, 2012

March 26, 2012

Como estao voces!? Eu estou bem de bem trabalhando na bela obra do senhor. Estou apredendo falar y escrivir en portugease! fica fácil porque é muito semelhante ao espanhol. tambem estou a tocar piano muito bem!

Anyways! Guess what! We had a charla with Susana and President Heaton on Wednesday! I had a really strong migrane. It was horrible! We tried so hard to get her to accept a baptismal date for the 30th but she wouldnt accept. We just left her with the challenge to ask God what she should do. We went the next day to see how it went and she just started crying. She said "Im not the same Susana I used to be. I cant walk far without pain. I cant go do errands or make big meals. I have to hire a lady to wash my clothes. I feel discouraged. When you guys are here I feel happy but when you leave I feel sad and alone. I don´t have goals. I have nothing to aim for." It was a perfect moment to teach, promise blessings, testify, bring the spirit and make a comitment, and it worked perfectly. it was really what she was needing. She accepted to be baptized this Thursday! I hate doing this to the bishopbric but I know they will support us. The bishop has been really busy lately. His wife had a baby this month. 

Wednesday we were chilling at the church eating lunch and a guy came and sat down on the steps outside the church. He looked poor and maybe homeless. We went outside and sat next to him. He said he wasnt doing too well. We asked him if he had eaten lunch yet. He said no, so we invited him to eat spaghetti with us. He was really grateful. He seemed so suprised that someone would offer him something. He seems like the kind of guy that wouldnt ask. But he asked "es verdad que vive Jesus?"  What an awesome question to ask a missionary! haha. I looked him in the eyes and said "si. no tengo ninguna duda" We gave him a book of mormon. it was a really memorable experience.

Im so excited for general conference!!!!!!!!

Its getting harder and harder to find stuff to say about the week. Every day every week seems to blend together into a huge blur. Hey did you guys get that information for me? about that one new member family´s address? The missionaries have it in their baptismal record book. and dad, you should have it on the weekly progress report. =) 

I loved reading about Megan`s first date! That must have been so awesome! WAY TO GO MEGAN!!! I think youre the coolest!!! 

did you guys already send those BYU shirts? Any cool plans for Easter sunday?

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