Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May 28, 2012

Wow. Sounds like all of us together had one of the most crazy awesome successful prideful weeks of our lives! Congratulations to all of the awesome things you all did. I didnt feel like I was missing out on anything, cuz here in Rivera Uruguay things were just as exciting!

Monday night we called Magdalena and Vega and turns out they invited a bunch of people and we were to reserve all the seats on the bus. We decided to just call a less active member who owns 10 14 passenger vans and a private school bus buisness for special students. It turned out to be a lot more fun because we all jammed into a van and it was alot more private. It was fun taking a road trip with all their family, some members and some of their family. We had such a blast! The wedding was really old fashioned like Juan and Dolores` in Salto. The bald judge put on this blue and white striped thing around his waist and said a bunch of boring stuff about the law and then asked them the I do´s. Except for in Spanish its just "si" haha. We have it all on video and a bunch of pictures. Their wedding rings were CTR rings from the Copper Canyon Primary! haha they loved them and I never see them without them on! Even if Vega is cleaning up horse poop. After the wedding we threw rice all over the place and went to the little rented house they use as the chapel there and had a little celebration for them. I made a dang good chocolate oreo butter cream frosting cake (without a single recipe) ;) . It didnt look like a wedding cake but it was two levels and had the little couple on top. The members even brought a playlist for them to dance too. I loved watching them soo happy. Their kids were all so happy  dancing together with their parents. 

The rest of the week was just getting ready for the big day of the baptism! And preaching the gospel of course. 

Saturday we did a stake baptism. There were so many people there and lots of baptisms. It was even a little hectic. It was powerful seeing so many in white but I enjoy the simpleness and strong spirit of a more personal smaller baptism. Big or small they are always so awesome! The missionaries all sang "When I am Baptized" and "I feel My Savior´s Love" A young man with his mission call to Argentina gave a good talk. They had to start setting up chairs in the overflow which was a good problem to have but kind of distracting. The little young womens room wasnt big enough for everyone to see all the baptisms but they gave priority to friends and family. The whole time I was just so happy to see all their family in white, so happy. We got 3 of the priests and the bishop involved in the baptisms and just seeing everyone smiling so much was unforgettable. 

After the service we had 200 empenadas and a legit looking wedding cake and a little celebration. The kids were all crazy and attacking me, trying to take my nametag away and make sure my shirt was untucked at all times. Every kid that saw the kids having so much fun decided to join in and eventually there were so many I couldnt win. It was so fun. I love all those kids! =) 

The first thing they all said on Sunday at church was ELDER KELLIS ELDER KELLIS!!! REMEMBER LAST NIGHT!!!?? hahaha

The most powerful part of the week was the confirmations in sacrament meeting.  The opening hymn was I know that my redeemer lives. I had never really sung that hymn while really thinking about the words and the message. Thats an awesome hymn. The bishop called the whole family up at once and they all sat on the stand taking turns one by one. Elder Kohl was really really nervous to do his first confirmation especially in spanish. He struggles a little with the language, but it was so powerful! The spirit was so strong. I got to confirm Noelia. She has such a perfect and pure faith! I ended the confirmation full of tears. I knew that God loved her so much and I knew that God was mindful of her and her faith and that she had been waiting so patiently but so anxiously to be a member of the church with all of her family. 

The whole week was awesome. I cant explain it all to you in an email.

Sunday night Tania and Ivans family brought us out to their super awesome huge house in the middle of nowhere. It made me remember my house in Salto only theirs is just a tiny bit bigger. 3 story house with a side house for bbqs and a huge pool and deck. Tania always makes us cake and really good treats. She has progressed so much this week! She read so much of the Book of Mormon and was led to Alma 32 where it talks about the seed. Then she read 3 Nephi 11-15 and received a very strong answer that she wants to get baptized. She put all of her doubts and conflictions with work and friends aside. It was so awesome to see her so happy to get baptized. She loves the gospel. She asked that I baptize her. That will be on Saturday! The rest of their family is getting closer to baptism but her Dad smokes every 2 seconds. He is loving the church as well though. 

Don´t worry about the shoes. I got them on Tuesday as well as the backpack. Thanks!! Mom, when you send packages its the best day of my week. Dont put air in a package from  THE US to URUGUAY though!! hahaha fill that space up with somethin good!!! They have air here. The whole 2 kilos thing doesnt matter. trust me! =) I am definately loving all the candy and goodness though! thanks!!! :D

Susana wants me to send her an umbrella like the one I got from missionary mall to her. She said she would pay for all of it. haha.

I love you guys! Congrats on everything!! dad, did you get that email with the picture in it!?

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