Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June 11, 2012

Well Montevideo is definitely a lot different from any other place I have been. Especially Cerro. I have learned a lot this week about what to do in dangerous situations and how to react to threats and all that haha. Its fun. But I think the people freak out to much. Cerro is not that bad at all, compared to the stories I have heard from my companions from central america. The best part is there is SOOOO MUCH work to do. Its ridiculous. There have been 132 baptisms in this ward in the last 24 months. There are about 1000 total members on the ward list (the directory is 36 pages long). The sad thing is the ward doesnt even qualify as a ward. (Qualification is based on Melkezidek Priesthood-holding full-tithe payers) There are about 90 people in church each week. I have met some really awesome members and families. I love hearing conversion stories of the members here in Uruguay. The area wasnt left in the BEST condition when I got here, but we have a couple investigators. My companion is a great guy. He`s got a real big heart. 15 of the 24 missionaries in our zone are from outside of the US. (Including all 3 DLs.) We are looking for a new house because the nieghbors are stealing our electricity, theres a crazy couple behind us that fight all day long breaking plates and glasses and our closet, I mean, house is falling apart. They are WAYY over charging us just because they can and they know the church has bank. I am sharing a ward with 2 other missionaries. One of them is Elder de Hoyos!!! (I trained him in Salto) Its been really really cold this week, I think it even snowed in Colonia! My first day in the area it was so cold and windy with a light rain. My comp hadnt slept in 2 days. I was really worried that he was a lazy missionary because we were there from 2-8pm sleeping. It drove me crazy especially since he was a ZL but Im sure he was just real tired. The rest of the week we got out to work at least after lunch. We are one of the companionships in the zone with the lowest numbers which is both frustrating and embarassing. I am praying a lot to tear it apart out here and change things even though Im Junior Comp. Tuesday we are traveling to Paso de la Arena to get to know the district out there a little. Wednesday we have Concilio with all the ZLs and APs and President. That should be awesome. (mostly because Hermana Heaton is gonna cook food for us) Friday we have Interviews. My companion was only here for 6 weeks before I got here and his companion kinda did everything so it feels like we are opening an area sometimes. If you`re looking at maps and stuff my neighborhood is called Casab√≥. 

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