Tuesday, July 10, 2012

April 24, 2012

I was kinda worried because President Heaton called us on Wednesday and asked if the area would be able to withstand taking us both out. He said he wanted to take Elder Nuñez out of the area because he has been there for 6 months already and that he was in need of a Zone Leader. I explained that we had 2 couples getting married and baptized in the next coming month and that I REALLY didnt want to miss that. He was very understanding but didnt leave any clues. He just said ok Im gonna pray about it. Talk to you later Elder. Heh heh...President is such a nice guy. So we`ve been dying to know all week our transfers. President always calls on Sunday night (a day early) to extend the call to the new zone leaders. When we got home Sunday night Elder Ponce (Peru) and Elder Xavier (San Pablo Brazil) were in there room on the phone, Elder Nuñez started to make a lot of noise and to give them a hug but they were super fast to tell us to be quiet because President Heaton was on the phone. He talked for a second while I went to the bathroom and when I came back he said "yeah here he is President" and gave me the phone I was like NO NO NO!!! NO !!!!! I dont wanna leave Rivera and making signs like IM NOT HOME! haha but when I said hello the phone was off and there was nobody there. They got me. haha president never called. The zone leaders called last night to tell Elder Nuñez that he is leaving to Bella Union. Ill be staying here with Elder Kohl, from Virginia. Elder Nuñez is not doing very well. He was really hoping to go up to Senior Comp and since he already has been in the mission 14 months its getting old. His new comp has only been in the mission for about 10 months. He feels really embarassed, kinda angry, and even confused about his testimony of the mission. He told me he was going home. We talked for a while. til 1 in the morning. I dont know if it helped because this morning I saw his knuckles all bloody. He punched a thick brick wall. I prayed for him so hard last night. He`ll be fine. I just feel bad for him. His Dad is an escaped hiding member of the mafia, he didnt finish high school and doesnt know where Jarom or Omni are in the Book of Mormon, but he has a special gift to love the people and to make others laugh. I know prayers were answered and revelation was received because he has some kinda sketchy "snakes" here and I was really hoping to be here for the weddings! =D
Sunday was stake conference. Saturday morning the Zone Leaders put me in charge of a missionary Choir (26 missionaries) By that time the whole zone was already working in their areas and we dont have cell phones...I threw together a lil sumthin sumthin and got a pianist. It turned out really awesome. We sang the words of Joseph Smith`s First Prayer to the music of Come Thou Fount. The stake center was PACKED! They are gonna split the stake soon. We had LOTS of investigators there. The stake president BAJÔ la CAÑA like crazy! that means call out on someone on something they are doing wrong. He was like this is ridiculous! We cant fill a charter bus with 3 wards to go to the temple! The bishop shouldnt have to stay an hour after church to put up all the chairs, close all the windows and turn off all the lights! Your kids CANNOT run around during sacrament meeting! Take them outside! It was something that needed to be said but I hope the investigators dont worry about bringing their kids on Sunday. The church is a church of order though!
We are so excited for these two families! They are some really special people! I love em so much! I have to call Tranqueras judge office today to see if we can get a couple married out there, if not we might have to wait until August! AH! But I know everything will work out!
Magdalena and her 3 kids are in the picture with the horses on the wall. Her husband Vega was working, but they have commited to baptism as a whole family!! and they are getting married as soon as we can figure out where and what is fastest. They have been so prepared for this. Vega is Ana Lopez`s brother. Turns out he already has a testimony of the book of mormon and has been trying to convince his future wife to get married for a while. Ana has been doing her missionary work as a recently activated member and explained to her the importance of marriage and we came by one day and started teaching their family the lessons. The kids are awesome and lead the family in family prayer every night. =D

Natalia and Marcelo are getting married May 25th! and She will be baptized on May 26th!

Im loving Rivera! Loving the work! Love,

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