Tuesday, July 10, 2012

March 13. 2012

Hey! we got our transfer call last night! Im staying in Rivera with Elder.....................................NUNEZ! yup. we did WORK. President said he was really excited about our work here in Rivera. This week was really awesome!

Natalia, a investigator that is living with a member, is just loca de sonrisas! we took em to the courthouse to take out a date for marriage...(here the bishops cant marry, and it takes like 3 months for the civil marriage) but we are all excited for the 25th of May she will be married and the 26th of May baptism! thats a long way away but Im almost positive I will still be here. She quit smoking 8 days ago and the only thing missing now is teach a few lessons and wait 3 months. 

Eliane and Ingrid were baptised on Saturday! it was a really special baptismal service. I was really nervous and frustrated because there was nobody from the bishopbric until 7:45 and it was supposed to start at 7:30. There were kids running around driving me crazy and the older ladies from the relief society were dying of heat because the power went out and it was like 100 degrees and 150% humidity. I felt like it was all my fault. But...we got it all figured out. They entered the waters of baptism and the spirit was strong. 

Susana is doing really well. Her fragil health has kept her from being able to get to church the last 2 weeks but she wants to pay her tithing already even before her baptism and is very excited about the gospel. She makes us a cake everyday! haha If everything goes well, she will be baptized the 23rd of March. HAHAHAH susana is really funny. I told her that Caity was gonna turn 15 soon and she was just so excited! she called a old friend of hers that she doesnt get a long with anymore and demanded her to return a gold ring susana gave her a while ago. She told me that I was to send Caity the gold ring from her when she gets it back. 

It sounds like things are busy and fun as normal in the kellis house! did you guys to the rugby haka baka dance thing in the road show? 

Grandma Kellis! You are 8 hours (depends on driver) closer to URUGUAY! haha heres a big hug from your coolest missionary grandson! =D 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEƑORITA SAMANTHA!! My mom sent me a picture of you at your piano recital you look so cute! I bet you are a great piano player!! You should ask your mom to help you send me an email! =) 

The pictures are of 
The baptism on saturday
Natalia and her contract to never smoke again
our district
service at Eliane`s house

Love you guys a bunch! youre always in my prayers!

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