Tuesday, July 10, 2012

February 27

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We welcome you to the 57th weekly missionary letter from Elder Daniel Kellis of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Writer has been selected by the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and the First Presidency. hahaha

Hey hey Hey!

Gotta love general conference! Only a couple weeks to go! Anyways,

This week was off the chain. Do they even say that anymore? Talking about numbers, we had the most successful week in my whole mission. 21 lessons taught to investigators with a member present and 10 investigators in sacrament meeting. It was also a really special week full of spiritual experiences. Why did I not bring members to every single lesson before? I dont know but that was like 2011. we are in 20-twelve baby. haha 

Susana is doing so good and she`s loving the gospel! She is seriously a golden investigator prepared by angles (Alma 13:24) She is a huge sweetheart too. She was a high school teacher for all her life and went to lots of churches but never found the true one. She likes to buy us choclate milk every time we go. haha.

Eliane and Ingrid (single mom and daughter) are two other great investigators that are just genuine. They are kinda nervous but also very excited for baptism on the 10th of March. 

I made the coolest game ever this week! Its a homemade sorry board. You know, the one we always played sunday nights at grandmas house? But the 4 finishes are 1. the chapel 2. baptism 3. the temple and 4. Eternal life. We played with some investigators and member families as family home evenings and it was awesome. 

A random man showed up on Sunday at the church and said that he has walked passed the church lots of times and it always called his attention, that he felt like he should go one day. There is a sign that says "welcome, sunday meetings start at 9am" He came. He liked it. He wants to come next week. We have seen so many miracles this week! My comp is doing so well. He comes from a very rough place. 5 young men from his stake were called on missions and he was the only one that left. He used to hang out with gangs and stuff. He told me he has never been so happy on his mision, never wanted to be so obedient, or work so hard. I can say the same for me as well. President really does recieve revelation on where to send us and with who. Without a doubt. 

My area is almost all downtown, busy streets and buisnesses. Its pretty small geographically. 6 blocks by +/-15 blocks. here the blocks are squares. Each street is 100 meters. The people are nice. We dont do contacts really though. This week we did     6 contacts. We probably should be doing more but the Area wants us focusing on working with less active families, recent converts, and completing part member families. So I printed off a ward list and whenever we have time we visit members. The members are a lot busier here so we usually dont eat in their house, they just give it to us to eat on our own. I have to say, when I have my family and we sign up to feed the missionaries, I am going to do everything possible to have them eat with us.  For lots of reasons.

The heat calmed down a little bit this week which was really nice. Hopefully it doenst rise again. I took down my mosquito net this week. They havent bothered lately. WHAT A RELIEF ahhhh.

Love you!

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