Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June 6, 2012

Whats up errybody!

This week was another awesome one! Tanias baptism was really awesome and all the family was there. We challenged them to be baptized this week and they replied "we are gonna have a family meeting, pray about it and we´ll get back to you" WOAH!!! Ive NEVER had a family tell me that. I feel like we have been so blessed and led to such awesome families here in Rivera! The baptism of their daughter was a great push for them. It was a lot more quiet and simple and calm compared to last weeks stake baptism which was nice. Tanias testimony after her baptism was so powerful! With eyes full of tears she testified of how being baptized is so much more than being immersed in water. I am really sad to leave Rivera! Its definately been my favorite place to serve, its also been really fun being district leader. 

6 weeks ago I was going crazy not wanting to leave Rivera and there were rumors that President was going to move me up to Zone Leader. When the president calls on Sunday night before transfers and asks to talk to you, you already know what its for. Well last transfer when we got home Sunday night Elder Ponce played a joke on me and said that president heaton was on the phone, remember? well he did it again yesterday. He handed me the phone and I said "callate!" "shut up!" like Im not gonna fall for it. Only this time he really did call. I hope he didnt hear me say that hahaha but He asked me if I was willing to be ZL in the zone of CERRO which is in Montevideo! Yeah. Im going to Montevideo! Everyone jokes that Montevideo is the city and everywhere else in Uruguay is farmland. Its very rare that a missionary as old as me has never served in Montevideo. So everyone has been teasing me...YOUR NOT A COWBOY ANYMORE! or YOURE NOT A FARMER ANYMORE! haha.

Im excited to continue in the mission. doing my thing. but its never been so hard to leave an area. I didnt sleep at all last night. maybe an hour in the morning. But man. this time its hard. 

My companion will be Elder Miranda from Panamá. He has got 4 months left in the mission. I´ve got big shoes to fill in Cerro. Almost all the APs in the last year have come from being ZL in Cerro. All the guys I always looked up to. 

Cerro is a huge hill in Montevideo. It is known as the place where all the poor people, drugs, roberies, ect happen. Its said to be the most dangerous place in the country. I dont have a single fear though. I was reading in Revelations 11 this week. Check this out.

 And I will give apower unto my two bwitnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.
 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.
 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.
sick huh. I feel like I am always led to the scriptures that I need to hear for the activities or lessons I will have that day. For example, when you guys sent me the extra pair of shoes...that morning I read in  D&C 84

105 And if any man shall give unto any of you a coat, or a suit, take the old and cast it unto the poor, and go on your way rejoicing.

The scriptures are the best! I gave Vega my old shoes to wear to church.

some more crazy news....Elder Kohl is gonna be with Elder Olsen. A friend of mine from BYU. We used to play together on a basketball team. Elder Xavier, from Brazil is going to CARDONA!!! hahah and i was teasing him all change that he was going to go there!! hahahahah I couldnt believe it! and it gets crazier!! ELder Kohl has a brother in this same mission who is coming from Salto to take ELder Xaviers place! so he is going to live with his brother in Rivera as a missionary! Man last night when the calls came we were all going nuts.

My shirts are kinda nasty now, kinda yellow and stained. I think I should be fine though because All winter I will be wearing a sweater. 

As far as the packages, you didnt forget anything. Thanks!! My release date is November 20th. I will probably arrive in Arizona on the 21st though. I´ve already got way too many souveniers haha. Just save it for my iPhone ;) no seriously.

Im having a farewell party at the church tonight. All my converts, a bunch of members and investigators are going to come. Im not too excited to be forced to eat like 1000 pieces of cake haha. The people here are so nice. I wish I could explain how genuine they treat me. Vega and Magdalenas and Anas family all wrote me a huge letter. It was so awesome. They each wrote a letter and then glued all the pages together and made a like 10 foot scroll of letters. I will keep those forever. They are so sweet. They drew pcitures of them at the temple. Me confirming them, they bore thier testimonies. I couldnt wipe the smile of my face or the tears from my eyes. Gosh I love the mission!

I love you guys so much. Mom, Dad, thanks for raising me in the gospel. I realize every day more and more how blessed I am to be a son of noble parents like you two. Tyler, youre gonna be a great missionary. Go ask the Elders in Copper Canyon if you can go out a whole day with them. Studies and everything. Do it. Caity! YOU GOT SPRINKLED ON!! ahaahahaha 


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