Tuesday, July 10, 2012

March 5, 2012

Good Morning!
anks for telling me all about life in AZ! I always give lots of thanks in my prayers on monday for the chance to hear from you! I hope you know how much it means to me.

This week was great. We did divisions twice. I did one on Wednesday with Elder Xavier the BRASILERO! and on Sunday with Elder Hales MY MTC COMP (we met him in the airport)!! It was a pretty fun week.

Thank you for praying for my companion, Mom. You are a huge sweetheart did you know that? And I think its the coolest that you are so in love with Dad still! Is that a newer movie? (Leap Year) I dont remember seeing that one but it sounds familiar...What other cool movies have come out? 

We had a lesson this week with a sister from our ward who lives next door to an investigator. She is a 84 year old sister and shes been a member for 40 somethin years. Well she is very strict and very proper. Very intelligent in the gospel and loves to correct people and be correct one. Well...we thought it would be easy to teach The Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance......) we were wrong. She decided to jump in and teach every single principle in mormon doctrine. haha. It was hard to keep control of the lesson. There were times where I had to cut her off...OK OK OK....thanks sister martinez....were gonna keep talking about the little seed of faith now...haha 

At church on sunday I went up and gave my testimony and before sitting down I asked the bishop to announce the baptism on Saturday so that the ward would know about it...Well the bishop got up and announced it...then as he finished his testimony Eliane (40) got up and walked out super heated. NOOoooooooooooooo....she didn`t want the ward to know about her baptism? she wasn`t ready for this saturday? I got super nervous, said a little prayer and before they started singing the closing hymn we walked out and talked to her. She was in the lobby crying. we didnt say anything. she looked up and said "graci
as por hacerme llorar kellis!" she said something about her mom and how she doesnt have "that." I was like WHAT? There was a sister in the ward who bore her testimony to the youth that if your parents are strict and you feel like they don`t let you do anything...its not because they hate you its because they love you. The day they don`t ask where you are going, what time you will be home, who is gonna be there...thats the day they don`t care. I kinda added a little bit onto hers and thought I would give the ward a little laugh and told about the time when Dad sat down on the kitchen chair behind me and a date on the couch throughout the whole movie the night we came back from homecoming (my first legit date). haha...they got a kick out of that one...but I said that I knew that my parents loved me and that I was so thankful for that love. Well...anyways..Eliane thought that was really special and made her cry. So really the whole thing was YOUR FAULT DAD! haha it was funny watching the whole ward come out after the prayer and say are you ok!? your gonna get baptised right!? what happened?! Did the bishop force you into baptism!? NO no no no it was Elder Kellis`s testimony...It makes me sad to know that so many families are so destroyed and so love-less. If there is one thing I have learned on my mission in Uruguay it is the family is the most important treasure I will ever have in my life. So, I better be super grateful for the one I have, make a dang good one for myself, and help others to have what I have in their family. So, dear family. I love you guys so much!

This is the last week of another transfer. This was without a doubt the fastest 6 weeks of my life. 


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