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April 3 2012

Hey family =)

Im gonna copy some pages from my journal for this letter home...

Thursday March 29th 2012
Sosana was baptized today! The baptism was really simple and spiritual. Elder Nuñez had a fun time getting her under the water. but even a more fun time getting back out. I had to reach down from the top and help him pull her out haha. She was happy and we were happier. I liked how the speaker said, Susana you will realize how special this day was each day more and more as you follow God`s path. I would definately agree that has been true for me and my baptismal day.

Friday March 30th 2012
Today Elder Ponce and Elder Xavier woke Elder Nuñez up in a kinda annoying way, pulling his feet and slapping his booty real hard. BAD IDEA. Nobody likes to be woken up like that ESPECIALLY Elder Nuñez. Luckily they left to go buy something for breakfast, but E Nuñez was waiting at the front door to give em a PIÑAZO. (punch in the face) When he wasnt looking I locked the door and took the key (here the lock is the same on the inside as it is on the outside) That way when they arrived I would know. They knocked on the door after a while, I told em not to say anything, to just walk by and leave him alone. Nothing happened, luckily. My comp has a violent history with other elders in the mission. 

Saturday March 31st 2012
I woke up so excited for conference today. I looked through old Liahona & Ensign magazines of the conference editions, turned on Mormon Tab Choir and everything. As I read through the Solemn assembly of 2008 when Pres. Monson was sustained as the prophet by each of the priesthood quorums and auxilary organziations then by the whole church, the Holy Ghost reached every part of my soul as I felt with a strong asurity that Pres. Monson had truly been sustained as the prophet of the only true and living church. I felt so prepared and excited for conference, but no quite so prepared to get a phone call from President Heaton. I was washing my clothes in the bathroom sink talking to my companion when he ran to turn down the music and answer the phone. "Presidente" he said "Presidente HEATON?" I replied. Si. I dried my hands and answered. He told me he "I have some news that aren´t too good. I just got off the phone with your dad, your grandmother passed away" I immediately started crying as he gave me some of the basic details. "I know you were very close to her, cancer is a hard thing" He said some comforting words and asked if I was okay. I hadnt said too much. Barely being able to talk I shared the very special spiritual experience I had the day I told her goodbye. He continued to say some words of comfort which I dont even remember. He explained my Dad was gonna call and that we could talk for 10 minutes. I thanked him for calling. Elder Nuñez obviously worried about what had happened. I told him and he gave me a hug. The phone rang WAY fast and Dad said "Good Morning" I had a really sweet short chance to talk to my family, get some more details, and feel strength and unity with them even being on the other side of the world. Turns out she was resting at Aunt Renae´s house after many weak days. My aunts took great care of her and are a great example to me of love for our family. She passed away quietly in her bed. The funeral will be a week from today. I remember the day Grandpa Kellis died, my Dad came home and I saw him cry for the first time as he fell into my mom´s arms in the hallway. "He`s Gone" he cried. I was worried about my Dad, and asked him this morning "How are you, Dad?" He said hes been good, that she had been freed from her frail and painful body. I explained that there wasnt another day in the mission I would have prefered to hear that news. I knew that I would be blessed with comforting words and a confirmed testimony of the plan of happiness during General Conference. Mom shared that Friday they had a special family hug and felt my love and presence there. I love my family so much. Caity read my cousin Sandra`s facebook status post to me "RIP Grandma Kellis, even though thats lame because we all know you`re partying it up up there with Grandpa Kellis, so, PIU Grandma, We love you." Or something like that...IDK. I thought that was funny. We had to keep the call to 10 minutes and we did. After hanging up the phone I felt tempted to lay down in my bed and sorrow. I thought about my Grandma and I dont know if she from the other side of the veil told said "NO NO NO You get back up and finish washing your clothes!" or if I just know her too well, but thats what I did. Back to work, I thought. After hanging up my clothes on the clothesline, I kneeled down in a very humble prayer thanking Heavenly Father for the temple, its blessings, for the memories and wisdom my grandma shared with me, and for a great mission president and family. I asked and continue to ask and pray for opportunities to share and bless others with that testimony. I felt so grateful for being raised by parents who taught me to pray in times of pain and need of comfort. I did. I think we all did. Especially that God would work through His Prophet and apostles to bring a message of peace and comfort prepared just for us. DANG! He definately did answer that prayer! Henry B. Eyring spoke about afflictions, their purpose and how to be strong, with a foundation of faith. He spoke humbly and with power. He even shared how his grandmother fought cancer 10 years and passed away. In the afternoon session, Elder Richard G. Scott. remembering his wife taught that relationships seperated by the veil can be even stronger then they were before affected by mortality. He testified of their closeness to us, physically and spiritually, also teaching that their love is stronger for us now. I love conference for this reason. Each 6 months I feel like I receive another witness that this is God`s church. Today was an unforgettable day. We ended it by surprising Susana with a homemade cake and singing happy birthday at the door. She was so happy! 75 years is a long time. I dont believe it is a coincedence that the Lord placed me in Rivera, Central 2, or that he led us to Susana when I needed a grandmother-like friend, and when Susana needed young friends and a faith. 

Sunday April 1st 2012
President Monson gave a powerful testimony today of inmortality. I was impressed with the way he straight up asked "Is death the end?" I think we already knew the answer but just the fact that he spent a significant part of his talk on that question was another special answer to our prayers. The music was really special this conference. The Sunday morning session ended with "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", the same song sung at both the funerals of my grandfathers. I thought about Grandpa Kellis`funeral. I was young. I dont remember much. But I remember the stake center was WAY FULL. That he had many accomplishments in this life. He had many important men and women supporting him that day. They named a big high school after him. But his greatest accomplishment was his family. I remember singing a primary song with all the grandkids. We probably filled the choir loft. Conference was so awesome. 

November 17th 2010
Well! Here I go! I`m on the airplane off the Merida Coast in Mexico. Yeah, theres a GPS on the plane. 4,500 miles (to the mile) from Buenos Aires. Last night President Allen came over and set me apart as a full time missionary. It was an awesome blessing, and I got to have both my Grandmas there. After the blessing I had to say goodbye to Grandma Kellis. I had been worried about that last hug and goodbye. Honeslty, I had been asking myself if it would be the last time I would see her. As I was hugging her goodbye I had the strongest spiritual feeling that I would see her again. Hopefully in this life, but if not, I still can´t wait for that sweet reunion.

Well thats what I wrote in my journal. I hope you feel nosy!! hahaha

For those that ask, Dad, Im doing great. I wont slow down a bit, don`t worry Mom =)

Ill be praying for a smooth and great week for all of you! =)

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