Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May 7, 2012

Hey Family! Im glad you got the package! Yes, those are like the candy bars of Uruguay. Alfahors. Im not too big of a fan of them...there are some better desserts here, like ice cream, but it would be kinda hard to send that in a package. Overall, the desserts and sweets are way better in the states. Ok. Actually, everything is better in the states. Except for being a missionary!
Wednesday we made another trip to Tranqueras to take out the "edictos" (dont know what that is in English) but basically they had to go and fill out a bunch of paper work and then they gave them a piece of paper that said they were offically preparing to get married. So from there we went straight to the editor of the newspaper from the little town of 10,000 and paid for him to publish the wedding. It has to come out in 3 newspapers and then they can take out a date 8 days away from the day we deliver the publications to the judge. It was a fun trip. We played with Gabriel, their 2 year old kid, and he painted our faces with the dusty paint that they use here that comes off when you rubb your figer down it (or your nice sunday suit) it was fun though.
We are teaching a new investigator named Ivan. He is a little slow. I dont know if he has autism or if he has something but he is just a bottle of fun. We taught him prayer, who Jesus was, the VERY basics, and he really liked it. He has been coming to church for 5 weeks now, but he doesnt understand too much. I talked to president Heaton and turns out if he has the mind capacity of an 8 year old he can be baptized. Thats kind of a hard decision to make! He understands that saying bad words and stealing and smoking and drinking is all bad but he has never heard anyone call all that stuff "sin" before. So its hard for him to put that together.
We are focusing a lot on Magdalena and Vega`s family. They are progressing so much! She went and bought a new skirt and turtle neck sweater and looks so mormon! haha its awesome! Especially seeing their whole family at church! They have such meek spirits. After the last meeting at church on Sunday they kinda just stayed there for a while talking to everybody. Usually all the members run home because they are all hungry. Later that night in our lesson with them he said it was because they love the peace that they feel there. On Friday night we watched the Jospeh Smith movie with them. The kids are super awesome too! When the part where Jospeh Smith heals the sick boy in Navoou, Brian (9) turned to me and said "tonight in my prayers Im gonna ask Heavenly Father if thats real!" haha Then when Joseph Smith Sr. was on his death bed and the prophet explained to him that families could be together forever, Nohelia (11) gave her mom a huge hug with a big smile on her face. those are the best moments of the mission. Seeing the gospel make familes happy.  
They are trying to quit smoking. Thats been the hardest part of their conversion to this point. We made them a special pack of cigarettes with paper rolled up with scriptures, hymns, and little drawings of them at the temple or turning down a cigarette or going to church as a family.
One of Magdalenas co workers told her all about our church, you know...how we have a bunch of women and are racist and that Jospeh smith had a billion wives. she said she was talking to her husband and he told her "I dont care if he had 1 wife or 50, if God called him as a prophet, and the book of mormon is true, I know it was for some reason." We explained to him why. Im so grateful to be in Rivera teaching this family right now! They are awesome!
This week was kinda warm and muggy. I dont know why. Last week we were freeeeeezing.
Im excited to talk to you MOM! and everybody else too =)
Caity, I wish I could have seen your dance recital! Sorry your package got there late. Tyler sounds like your all old and stuff. p.s. Can I have your iPad when you go on your mission?
Love You All!

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